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Four People Charged in Racially Motivated Stabbing

Chicago woman and her younger brother stabbed, beaten in what appears to be a racist hate crime.
Kristina Fox, a 30-year-old administrative assistant, alongside her younger brother, was beaten and stabbed repeatedly in her back and face while being called "nigger" repeatedly by a racist mob of white men and women in Taylor-Lauridsen Park in Canaryville. Fox told her horrific story on Facebook from the hospital and recently did her first television interview, seen below, as she recovers.

On the morning of Saturday, May 30, 2015, my little brother, Marcus Fox, my daughter's father, Darrius Walton, and myself were sitting in Taylor Lauridsen Park conversing with 3 Caucasian people we had just met (Courtney, Kevin, and Jodie). Everyone was having a nice time.

Approximately 7-9 more Caucasian people arrived in the park. My little brother being the social butterfly he is introduced himself and began chatting with the new arrivals. After about 30 minutes, one of the guys out of the group we initially met and another from the group that arrived later got into a verbal altercation with each other. My little brother tried to calm things down but this soon escalated as everyone began jumping on him. It was at this point things turned for the worse as he and I fought this massive group of Caucasians consisting of both men and women.

They were throwing glass bottles, crutches, bricks, and anything else they could find at us. As we continued to fight through this crowd of assailants to get away, more Caucasians came from out of nowhere and joined in brutally attacking us delivering closed fist blows and kicks to our bodies and head. We began the fight of our lives.

This MOB of around 20 Caucasians beat us until we were unable to move and left us laying in the park. My brother & I sustained multiple injuries. I was stabbed eleven times, eight times in the back & right shoulder, twice in the face & once in the head (which the knife was left lodged by one of the perpetrators).

My brother was stabbed nine times, along his back, right side with one of the wounds causing him to have a punctured lung. NO ARRESTS have been made and the only publicity this received was an irresponsibly written 97 word article in the Chicago Sun-Times riddled with incorrect information.

If the roles were reversed and had this been a mob of African Americans attacking two Caucasians this would have garnered immediate attention and been plastered EVERYWHERE. We have contacted news stations & have not heard back from anyone. This further proves that America believes- BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER. Please HELP US GET JUSTICE for this hate crime! Please help us show that OUR BLACK LIVES MATTER! ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ Please help us share our story.

Originally posted to shaunking on Thu Jun 04, 2015 at 12:09 PM PDT.
Also republished by Chicago Kossacks.

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Try To Move 22.Jul.2015 02:25


Either to the East or West coasts. Maybe Washington, or Oregon, or Massachusetts or Vermont. No guarantees, but Chicago? It's probably like Philadelphia.

I wish this surprised me.

move? 22.Jul.2015 10:24

fuck you

Blues, this shit happens every single day in this country. You prove once again that people who are the least affected by racism are the ones who always try to rationalize the motive for racist hate crimes.

Move? Move where? Geography make no difference and it is of the most hubris that you think that people should have to move to avoid racist attack. Stop blaming victims for their circumstance.

"Chicago? It's probably like Philadelphia." Jesus.

Move on 22.Jul.2015 15:09


These white mobs are popping up all over. Which makes me wonder, should the number of white people be limited in this country - like China controls births? Just saying, White is problem not the solution.

I'm Only Offering The Truth 22.Jul.2015 16:29


There are many more "white" people than "black" people in America. But still, I read the other day that, in terms of just numbers, the cops beat up more "white" people than "black" ones (skin color does not equal race). And yes, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Vermont each have problems.

But If I was given a choice, Chicago, Philadelphia, or Miami would not be my home.

Geography makes a big difference to me. If you like Chicago you can keep Chicago. And yeah I know a lot of people can't realistically afford to move. But if you move, don't go to Chicago.

Most people don't know 22.Jul.2015 18:13

auntie fa

White hate groups all over the country fraternize with each other. These people know each other and support each other. They are not fixed to one location and can be mobile. For example, if you kick them out of one town, they will move to another place and set up shop there. These groups have online forums and communicate with each other for sure.

This is why what happens in Chicago has an effect on people all over the country. The strategies hateful white fascists use to terrorize people in different areas are largely the same and that is why this matters. If you care about anti-racism, and want to succeed fighting for the oppressed, you really do need to understand what these people do and how they do it.

There is a larger picture here. Let them take root in one area and they will increase their numbers there and draw more in to their movement. Then you will have a surplus of fascists who will then expand their enterprises and possibly come here to make trouble.

They Don't Care About Your Skin 22.Jul.2015 19:32


They are not real fascists. They are people who need to mess around with other people. (Race is just one pretext.)

Since they have given up on actual living, they have nothing "better" to do.

They need something, and they don't know what it is. This is a disaster. Would religion be of help? Who knows?

WTF? 25.Jul.2015 18:56

um okay

Is anyone missing the fact that "blues" is a bigot and is posting things which make no sense?

Is Anyone Missing The Fact That... 26.Jul.2015 03:35


.... I have been pointing out the obvious? And that, my critic is a neocon dis-info agent?

yeah 26.Jul.2015 19:57

fuck you

Blues is pretty fucked up, got a white pride thing goin' on. And on. And on and on and on.

Did you see this?  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/07/430142.shtml

Makes absolutely no sense. And I really tired, too!

I Just Try To Point Out What's Real 27.Jul.2015 08:35


Maybe I'm wrong on one small point. I presume some "white" people do fear "black" ones (but their interactions are still usually minimal.

I am totally in favor of the strategic simple score voting method, which is the only one that makes sense.

My critic never writes about the issues I raise. He/she only accuses me of being a "white" racist again and again. How do you suppose this officer even knows what color I am?

blue has no clue, it seems 27.Jul.2015 12:43

fuck you

auntie fa, I think that blues has absolutely no interest in fighting racism. He seems to think that racism does not exist and that it realy is no big deal.

Whatever You Say, "White" Drone Officer 27.Jul.2015 15:29


He knows everything.

Typing away in his fake "black" Homeless Land Security.gov. Do not listen to me. Listen to the officer typing away in his Homeless Land Security cubicle.

Get machine-free strategic score voting. No more spoiler effect two-party/ one-party.