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BS in Chattanooga?

Dead terrorist in Tennessee had no blood, no head, and no body.
Check these screen shots of the "dead terrorist" in Chattanooga. Zero blood, no head, and a "body" flatter than Gumby. Stuffed jump suit? And all of a sudden he's discovered to be a devotee of the guy who "masterminded" the 911 attacks. (No, not Dick Cheney). We rendition people to Jordan to be tortured- it's a well known fact. God knows what else our Jordanian pals are capable of. I smell a new Sirhan Sirhan. Either that or this guy never really existed at all. Plus they still refuse to give out any details about how those Marines really died. If they even did. This "event" fulfills all those government/media prophecies about terrorists eventually attacking the innocent in Beaver Cleaver Land. Self-fulfilling prophecies at that. Not to mention self-serving. Careful with what you swallow with this one.

watch list 21.Jul.2015 15:02

Rodentia Citizen

Plus the shooter's Dad was once on the FBI's "Terrorist Watch List" according to the NY Times. So everyone is lying when they claim this family was never on the radar.