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Trump and The Mob

The Donald and The Dons
I love NY
I love NY
The Leader of the Free World\\\?  Oy!
The Leader of the Free World\\\? Oy!
Donald Trump has a long association with New York's Cosa Nostra crime families. The gambling mecca of Atlantic City was the mob's turf for decades. The legalization of casino gambling initiated endless bloody gangland wars between the competing factions from NY, NJ, and Philadelphia. Trump's spectacular entry into the casino universe was similar to that of Howard Hughes when he literally bought the Las Vegas Strip. Trump worked out deals with Luchese family Godfather "Fat Tony" Salerno for the millions of tons of concrete and building components for his master plan. Avoiding union scale and benefits was business as usual for The Donald. He and Fat Tony even shared the same lawyer. Proibably the sleaziest in American history: Roy Cohn. The infamous right hand man of notorious anti-communist witch hunter Joseph McCarthy was Trump's "bridge to the mob", wrote Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett in his 1992 book "Trump and the Mob". Trump claimed that he was "like a son" to Cohn, said Barrett, which is interesting because Cohn was a well known homosexual. The book was vetted by lawyers from Harper-Collins before publication. Trump also knew Godfather Paul Castellano and his successor John Gotti. Trump's fascination with Gotti daughter Victoria was expressed fully when he featured her on his reality show "Celebrity Apprentice". This and "The Sopranos" were the first volleys of trying to mainstream mob culture into the American middle class psyche. Just normal everday folks. Trump was the subject of bribery and racketeering charges in 1979 and 1981 but escaped unscathed. The Teflon Donald. He also defaulted on TWO BILLION DOLLARS in bank loans and lied on the applications. By the way, the Luchese crime family ran the biggest illegal "numbers" operation in New York right out of a luxury apartment in guess where? Trump Towers. He was also famous for hiring illegal immigrants for demolition jobs, thus avoiding all sorts of union and insurance laws and saving himself millions. Nixon was our only President who was a direct product of organized crime. He was the protege of SoCal mob fixer supremo Murray Chotnier, who got him to run for congress. Google it. Having Trump in the White House is nothing but an invitation for this same brand of ignorant, dictatorial, brutish behavior. Not to mention a plethora of shadowy connections among the very worst elements in society. The dumbing down of the USA is almost complete. The rise of Trump is living proof that we need interstellar intervention and soon.

It's even worse than you might imagine 20.Jul.2015 12:51

el rAT

Hail Satan\\\?  This should be passed around every Baptist Church on Sunday
Hail Satan\\\? This should be passed around every Baptist Church on Sunday
now playing
now playing
"I Wanna Be Jesse's Girl"

chotiner 20.Jul.2015 12:55



Trying to make us laugh? 20.Jul.2015 18:16

Mike Novack

Showing him "making the horns" in the context of an article claiming Mafia connections?

Gestures aren't universal, mean different things in different cultures. It might be true that there are places where that gesture has Satanic connections. But among Italians? You are calling somebody a cuckold.

huh? 21.Jul.2015 09:36


I'm not CLAIMING anything. Trump is a degenerate asshole period.

Trump in S.C. 21.Jul.2015 11:32

el rAT

Trump supporters cheer their hero in South Carolina. The hall was packed.
Here's Lindsey Graham's number
Here's Lindsey Graham's number
Trump supporters line up for big event
Trump supporters line up for big event
This bald guy was everywhere at once.  Probably an agent.
This bald guy was everywhere at once. Probably an agent.

shaker 21.Jul.2015 15:11

despite maybe your poor use of pictures

You're definitely correct on this one, rAT. Just the fact that Sarah Palin calls him a hero is telling not only about her, but about him.

humor 21.Jul.2015 20:30


"poor use of pictures"??? No sense of humor left around here anymore? PC disease??

Yeah, I'll Vote For Trump 22.Jul.2015 01:53


Yeah rAT, my sense of humor has run out.

(So fucking sorry it's come to this.)

(Get simple score voting with NO MACHINES.)

huh? 22.Jul.2015 10:11



Trump 22.Jul.2015 12:27


Sure he will. I heard someone endorse Trump for President on KBOO.