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CFD, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

grow a pair & join the fight
Hats off to Cascadia Forest Defenders for defending OUR forests. Have you seen what the bastards have done to the Deschutes N.F., what they've done to most all the east-side forests? It's a triple-rape. First they make mega-bank by stealing & selling OUR old-growth forests. Then they pack it in tight with a monocrop tinderbox that they either sell 50 to 70 years later or, if it burns...well...follow the money to find the culprit....These are OUR forests that a small handful of good people are defending for us.(goto "forest defense"-see "float the pipe"). Better yet, rather than hats off, how 'bout GLOVES OFF!Wake up, sheeple! Grow a pair & help these good folk out defending YOUR forests...............