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Zakaria ISIS Special Report:: A Few Things Missing

CNN's biggest troll finds his true calling
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G overnment P ropaganda S pecialist
CNN/NWO mouthpiece Fareed Zakaria left a few things out during his July 4th ISIS "Special Report". Of course he began with OBL and 911 as the excuse for everything we've done since. And just like George Bush Jr., he segues into the attack on Baghdad and the invasion of Iraq, as if they were somehow directly related. Which they were not. Whether you're a 911 "truther" or not, Sadaam had zero to do with any operation featuring 19 Saudi Arabians with fast-tracked visas compliments of God knows who. He gets all elated at the footage of that Sadaam statue coming down, as if that somehow makes us even for the 911 attacks. It was Marines and Iraqi Army who pulled it down, another scripted & staged event pawned off as some populist show of U.S. support. Fareed blames the rise of ISIS strictly on the POW camps we ran in Iraq, where thousands of alleged Jihadists were incarcerated in terrible conditions and tortured to boot. He did show film of the riots at the biggest facility, as U.S. servicemen fired live rounds into crowds of rebellious inmates at nearly point blank range. It was an ugly reminder of how barbaric this Bush war had become. It did help Jihadist recruitment but the real reason for ISIS flourishing is that the United States began funding what they called "Syrian Freedom Fighters" in the battles against the Assad regime. When these mercenary zombies began munching the hearts of Christian villagers before raping their kids, the Western providers pretty much just changed the name to ISIS from Syrian Freedom Fighters. Is it really some magic trick that ISIS fighters all bear US manufactured weaponry? Not to mention the millions of rounds of appropriate ammo. And all those hundreds of Humvees and Toyota trucks just materialized in ISIS territory when a genie appeared? We GAVE them everything they have and now our Frankenstein Monster is loose and terrorizing the neighborhood bigtime. But Fareed didn't mention any of that. No no no. He just keeps hammering away about perpetual war and what if ISIS starts attacking Mayberry in the middle of the night? Where on Mother Earth did they ever find this guy?