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Tallest trees in Eastmoreland could be cut down ; Three 150 foot Sequoias

3 Historic Giant Sequoia Trees 158 years old, up to 150+ feet tall, & 7 feet diameter could be cut down in Eastmoreland, S.E. Portland.
 link to www.katu.com

These are the tallest trees in Eastmoreland, and probably the oldest. (based on my Google Earth canopy height survey project). I measured the foremost of the 3 giants, at 153- 154 ft with inclinometer from 4 different angles. This matches the Google Earth 3D model of 147 -150 ft. They are approx. 60 feet ins spread, and range from 78 to 83 inches DBH, diameter. No trees in Eastmoreland match or exceed 150 feet, based on my survey. You have to go out 1 to 2 miles radius to find taller trees than this in South East Portland.

Neighbors have raised $50,000 to protect the giant trees, but this only delays their harvest. Neighbors are trying to raise an additional $900,000 to to puchase the property from the developer and possibly turn it into a small park or green space.



Money Maker if I do say so 27.Jun.2015 20:18

High Cost

The money-making-developer will make 250,000$ if he sell the land to the neighborhood.

Here's a video of the trees + some more info 30.Jun.2015 17:59

Rephaim23 / Pacific Forests