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Demo to counter the presence of AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio
PCUN and Accion Politica PCUNIsta invite you to a counter-rally we are organizing against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who will be the feature speaker for a fundraiser hosted by the Oregon Republican Party and sponsored by OFIR in front of the Capitol this Saturday at 3 p.m.

Among other topics, Arpaio will be talking in support English Only and E-Verify.

For those who don't know who Sheriff Arpaio is, looking him up. He is " The Anti-Immigrant".

See you there at the State Capital Water Fountain at 2:30.
Questions: 503-302-6549

homepage: homepage: http://www.pcun.org

Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Protest in Salem Oregon 29.Jun.2015 17:15

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 https://youtu.be/PF7o8OoHffI This is a 12 minute video clip from the Salem event.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Goon Attacks Journalist, Speech Disrupted & Interrupted in Salem, Oregon

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Speech Disrupted & Interrupted, America's Toughest Sheriff Speaks in Salem, Oregon Approx. 3:55 minutes into the video you can see a man approaching me in a Blue Shirt, he goes out of his way to Block Me Filming & even after I moved a couple times he still kept getting in my face and trying to Block Me from Filming...Sheriff Joe Arpaio's

Statesman article:  link to www.statesmanjournal.com

Another video clip [3 min]  https://www.youtube.com/watch\\\?v=GbQ9AZ1vEWQ

[Raw footage as Sheriff Joe Arpaio "walked over to meet with the protestors who tried hard to drown out today's ORP rally at the Oregon Capitol. The venom and hate on display here is breathtaking", June 27, 2015]