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The Cross of St. Andrew

Of course Slavery was evil and had to be eradicated- it was the Achilles Heel of The South. But Lincoln's utopian ideas blinded him to the extent of carnage necessary to actually subdue the rural grandchildren of the original revolutionaries. 9 out of ten were just hardscrabble small-time farmers, living off the land. Many had no shoes much less slaves. The crooked war profiteers made sure the conflict went on and on, so like today, munitions and gear suppliers grew fatter by the day.
Lincoln's vision of a fast and easy victory soon degenerated into either endless stalemates or bloody battles with casualty figures not seen since Napoleonic times. The Northern industrial revolution was in full swing, and King Cotton was the magic ingredient that fed the newly mechanized slave mills and stifling jail-like factories stuffed with little kids and women. The Yankee industry behemoths, especially in New York, depended on Southern cotton. New York City was where all the cotton from Dixie wound up, at the docks, ready for the red bricked mills of NY and New England. The last thing anyone in NY wanted was a Civil War that would disrupt their lucrative arrangements with the major slave plantations that supplied the white gold. This was one of the major reasons for the draft riots in NYC during the war. New York had a city-wide vote on seceding from the union. It lost by just ONE VOTE. Thousands of blacks were beaten and dragged from their homes as huge swaths of the city burned. Hundreds were murdered in the streets. The insanity was far worse and way more ugly than anything any Southern mobs had ever done. The riots were actually a small revolution, and The Stars and Stripes was routinely burned and stomped in the streets. It took almost every soldier still stationed at Gettysburg to finally quell the craziness and restore order. The Cross of St. Andrew originated a long time ago to commemorate the Apostle Andrew, who allegedly died on a similar "X" shaped cross. It is also the symbol of Scotland, who, like their Irish cousins, have resisted British Imperialism for centuries. Not surprising it reincarnated as the Rebel Colors. Trying to demonize something like the Confederate Flag is an exercise in futility. It's just too big a part of America's heritage to wipe out because some idiot in S.C. decided to turn his fantasy mental video game into a real life and death event. Americans always want a quick fix for intractable problems. If Roof's license plate said "Led Zeppelin" on it, would people be burning Bon Jovi records the next day? The Civil War was much more than some crusade to free slaves. It was sold as that to drum up support, but the post-war mistreatment of Blacks and the subsequent mass genocide of Native Americans belied the claims that those Stars and Stripes spelled freedom for all. If Lincoln had lived things might have evolved very differently indeed, but his almost inevitable assassination shattered any idea of reconciliation as carpetbaggers and occupation troops swallowed up what was left at fire sale prices. It all began with Jefferson and Hamilton doing their best to have the nation's capitol located where they wanted it. Jefferson wanted it in DC so it would reflect the rural, farming lifestyle that predominated outside the already teeming cities of Boston, NY, and Philadelphia. Hamilton, of course, wanted NY to be the vortex of the New World, which it already was, financially and culturally. Our first Treasurer and the Wall Street crowd of financiers and investors he represented saw the South strictly as a financial target, to be consumed and profited upon. This attitude still prevailed almost a century later. Fort Sumter was a totally fabricated setup just like the Gulf of Tonkin and Pearl Harbor. Slavery could have easily been ended by just having the government buy the slave's freedom for cash. This is how England finally ended slavery peacefully. They were just considered property and all property had a price. Thinking like this was venomously opposed by the Wall Street cartels, whose cozy symbiotic relationship with slavery kept them rich and plump. Taking the Rebel Flag down from the state capitol is probably a good idea these days. A place that supposedly represents all the people probably shouldn't display such an emotionally charged symbol in such a revered spot. But it does tell us that the Civil War still runs deep in the blood and genetic memory of those families who were distinctly affected by it. North and South. Were all those West Point officers who, with tears in their eyes, walked out the door and went directly to Richmond with Robert E. Lee, were they all demonic un-Christian racist bigots and supremacists? I doubt it. Slavery was the ace card of the North, but it wasn't the only one in the deck. The South wasn't left with much after the war, and that flag was one of the only things that united them as Southerners. There seems to be an awful lot of political primetime posturing going on right now. Hillary decrying longer drug sentences for Blacks when it was her husband that threw away the keys as President. Strike three. Obama blaming gun access for the carnage was really in bad taste. And his using the N Word on live TV was just exploitation at it's worst. When does his gangsta rap single come out? They'll be hanging Lynrd Skynrd in effigy by next week the rate this is going. Will someone torch the Hazard Boy's 'General Lee' next? The internet spreads more hate and ill-will than that flag ever will. Get a grip America. Pissing on the "other" guy's flag won't stop the sort of insane violence we see now. The average American's "take" on the Civil War is just a kindergarden primer that's been force-fed into one and all since birth. North GOOD South BAD. North SMART South DUMB North RICH South POOR and on and on. Right now on TV, Montel Williams is raving that the Rebel Flag and the Nazi Swastika are one and the same. That's an insult to all the victims of Hitler AND the Civil War. All these TV talking heads haven't a brain between them, do they? Verbal masturbation now passes for "journalistic discussion". It's like 100% of TV personalties have no idea of any "big picture" whatsoever. It's designed that way to keep us dumb as they appear to be.

Hypocrisy Rules the Day 24.Jun.2015 12:13

Rodentia Citizen

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Oh really\\\?
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