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Baluch: a people persecuted by Iran and Pakistan

Baloch Activists Restricted from travelling to US meanwhile Pakistan's Forces Burn Baloch Towns
On February 28th of 2014 Mama Qadeer, alongside Banuk Farzana Majeed, Ali Haider Baloch, and a number of other protestors led the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Long March from Quetta to Karachi and onward to the very doorstep of the United Nations office in Islamabad. After a more than 2,800 km Long March; VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer met with a delegation of UN representatives and submitted a memorandum outlining the enforced abduction of over 18,000 Baloch and extrajudicial killings of nearly 2,000 innocent Baloch civilians. At the time, the United Nations representatives promised an impartial international investigation into these matters would be arranged.

Over one year has passed since the Voice for Baloch Missing Person's completed their Long March demonstration and submitted their memorandum to the United Nations. Since then Mama Qadeer and the VBMP demonstrators returned to their hunger strike protest camp and patiently awaited the United Nations to fulfill their promises. After more than a year and 1900+ days of VBMP Hunger Strike protest (before and after long march); the United Nations has yet to take any action or conduct any investigation into the matter of the now more than 20,000 abducted Baloch civilians.

In an interview with Amar Gurlro of TNS news at the VBMP protest camp in Karachi; Voice of Baloch Missing Persons Vice-Chairman Mama Qadeer recently announced he will be starting a new Long March protest.

Mama Qadeer said that; "the abductions and number of dead bodies have increased"

Mama Qadeer futher stated; "We are continuously corresponding with the United Nations. We will soon leave for Geneva because we don't think we will get justice by protesting in Pakistan."

On March 4th 2014 Mama Qadeer, Banuk Farzana Majeed and Faiqa attempted to travel to the United States to attend a seminar about the ongoing Human Rights Abuses in Occupied Sindh & Balochistan. When the activists attempted to board their flight, Pakistani Authorities with the Federal Investigation Agency halted and detained them for several hours. Although Mama Qadeer and his entourage held valid passports and were granted a 5 year visa for the US, they were nevertheless denied their basic civil right to freedom of movement without any charge or crime.

According to statements from Mama Qadeer

The Federal Investigation Agency Personnel took them to a room where they checked all their documents, including tickets, CNIC's, and passports.

FIA officials then stated that Abdul Qadeer Baloch was listed on Pakistan's "Exit Control List", a list of persons prohibited from leaving Pakistan. FIA Authorities alleged Abdul "Mama" Qadeer was involved in unspecified "Anti-Pakistani" activities.

Abdul Qadeer's only crime was demanding justice for the over 20,000 disappeared Baloch. For the past six years he and his supporters have been peacefully protesting enforced abductions in occupied Balochistan by holding the Long March and Sit-Ins. His own son Jalil Reki was abducted By Pakistan Security Agents in 2009 near his home in Quetta. After 2 years in state custody, Jalil's mutilated body was found dumped in the Kech district of Makuran alongside another abducted activist Mohammed Younis Baloch.

Similarly, those travelling alongside Mama Qadeer were all law abiding citizens petitioning for the safe release of their loved ones who are held without crime by Pakistan Security Forces. Banuk Farzana Majeed's brother Zakir Majid was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agents from Mastung. Zakir Majid has not been seen or heard from since his abduction in 2009.

The unlawful restriction of travel imposed upon Mama Qadeer and his companions has not only prevented them from attending the World Sindhi Congress' Seminar on Human Rights Violations in Sindh & Balochistan, but it may further complicate the Voice of Baloch Missing Person's recent plans for a Long March to Geneva.

In an interview with BBC reporters, Mama Qadeer said he would fight the traval ban, he further stated "How can the state deny us travel without any reason? We are not criminals. We are civil society activists struggling for the rights of our people."

On March 4th The Banodi village in the Dasht area of Balochistan was reduced to smoldering ruins by Pakistan Armed Forces. State Forces attacked the village looting valuables, assaulting the inhabitants and burning numerous homes. The home of Sachen Baloch was among those burned to the ground. Sachen Baloch and his family were abducted by State Forces during the attack.

In Uch, Dera Bugti State Forces abducted Shamil Bugti, Geda s/o Shamil Bugti, Zaman s/o Shamil Bugti, Aalu Bugti, Wadu s/o Baghi Bugti, Haider s/o Moj Ali Bugti during military operations on March 3rd. In an earlier incident in the same area, Mohammad s/o Toto and Balocha s/o Mauj Ali were also abducted by State Forces during loot and burn operations in the Lakamaddi area of Uch on February 25th. Additionally Pir Bux Bugti and his son Bakhtair Bugti were abducted during military operations in the region on February 22nd. Meanwhile, on March 1st in Lehri Sibi State Forces killed 3 people and abducted 6 others during search operations.

On February 26th the mutilated remains of Fayaz Karim were found dumped near the Jam Colony area of Hub. Fayaz had been abducted only one day earlier during a raid on their home in the Dalmia area of Karachi. During the raid, Fayaz's father had sustained multiple gunshot wounds attempting to prevent security forces from abducting his son. Fayaz's father was taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries and is recovering. Six years ago, the Karim family moved to Karachi after the extrajudicial execution of Fayaz's Karim's elder brother Faraz Karim Baloch. Faraz Karim was a well known Balochi language writer, poet and political activist. On February 20th 2009 Faraz Karim Baloch was stopped by Pakistani Security Forces at a checkpoint in Panjgur and executed on the spot along with his companion Faisal Bashir.

On February 26th Occupational State Forces carried out a series of search operations in the Geshkor area. According to reports, State Security Forces abducted at least 12 people during the raids. Two days later, the remains of two of the abductees from Geshkor were found riddled with bullets and dumped nearby. The bodies were identified as Faraz w/o Badal and Washi s/o Sharbat. On March 5th another body of an abductee from Geshkor was found dumped in the Kohlwa region. The bullet riddled body was identified as Irshad Baloch.

On March 4th the mutilated remains of Balochi language poet and teacher Khuda Bux were recovered in Khuzdar.. The body showed signs of torture and was covered in severe acid burns. Khuda Bux, a resident of Tump, was abducted by State Forces on February 11th during a military operation in Geshkor area. State Security Forces raided a number of homes in the area abducting at least 9 residents. Among those abducted during the raids was the son of Dr. Sanaullah. A few days later, Dr. Sanaullah recieved a telephone call from the Pakistan Army Base informing him his son was being released and to come to the base and pick him up. Upon arriving at the army base, Dr. Sanaullah was immediately arrested by Army personnel. Two days later, on February 17th the severely disfigured remains of Dr. Sanaullah Baloch were found dumped in the Khuzdar area.

Dr. Sanaullah dedicated his life to helping people; healing the sick and mending the injured. He was a kind and lawful citizen, abducted and executed without crime. His barbaric murder is an insult to all humanity.

After a particularly violent attack by the Pakistan Armed Forces on February 16th; the small town of Kelkur, Panjgur was reduced to little more than a few piles of smashed rubble. Soon afterwards The Baloch Human Rights Organization released a statement in the Daily Intekhab Newspaper. The BHRO statement said "Military Operations are intensifying in different areas of Balochistan such as Panjgur, Khudabadan, Gajor, Kalat, Kech, Miwar, and Kalar. During the home searches, (State Security) forces are taking people's valuable belongings and many homes were set on fire."

On February 24th Baloch families in Panjgur held demonstrations to protest the recent wave of mass abductions and military operations in the region. Many of the protestors were relatives of recently abducted Baloch civilians, and demanded their loved ones be safely returned.

On February 21st BSO-Azad activists held seminars in Tump for the International Mother Language day. Participants celebrated Balochistan's traditional languages and culture.

BRP and BRSO have announced an online social media campaign on March 17th 2015 to commemorate the 2005 massacre in Dera Bugti. 70 people were killed and more than 200 wounded when Pakistan Paramilitary Forces bombarded Dera Bugti with heavy artillery and gunship helicopters. Since then March 17th 2005 is forever remembered as a Black Day for Balochistan. Join the online campaign on March 17th using #17MarchMassacre.

Additionally, Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter will be holding demonstrations to protest the ongoing human rights violations and daily military operations in Occupied Balochistan. The protest will be held at Hauptwache, Frankfurt, Germany on March 21st 2015 from 2pm until 4pm.

On March 18th BSO-Asad London Zone will be conducting an awareness campaign at Trafalga Square, London, UK; to generate awareness of the illegal abduction of BSO-Azad Former Chairman Zahid Baloch. Nearly one year ago Zahid Baloch was unlawfully abducted by Paksitan Security Forces in Quetta and has been held in State custody without charge ever since. Additionally BNF has called for a Balochistan wide shutter down wheel-jam strike on March 18th to protest the enforced disappearance of former BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch.

Social Media activists, human rights defenders, and civil society are encouraged to join the online campaign using #SaveBSOAzadLeader #ZahidBaloch #ZakirMajeed

On March 2nd 2015 Head of the Mashkey, Awaran, Earthquake Action Committee Javid Ahmad Shahwani released a statement to the media. In the statement Javid Ahmad Shahwani said

"The victims of the 2013 earthquake have been facing very difficult times. The helpless victims are without shelter or food. The recent rain and cold weather have made their lives even more miserable; while government and nationalist (assembly members) have chosen silence in this matter. The (Pakistan) government has failed to deliver its promises to the earthquake victims."

Javid Ahmad Shahwani further stated that "If the injustices are not stopped the committee will hold a peaceful hunger strike protest"

Following the 2013 earthquake in Awaran Balochistan, the entire region was devastated. At the time, the Pakistani government vehemently refused any international assistance, and instead permitted the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba's charity wing Jamaat-ud-duwa to assist the victims. Jamaat-ud-Duwa is a well known bogus charity group headed by infamous international terrorist and regional criminal Hafez Saeed.

As a result of the Pakistan government's complete failure to provide any substantial assistance; the victims of the 2013 earthquake in Awaran are left to suffer and starve. Meanwhile corrupt State officials such as Dr. Malik are swallowing the aid funds and deploying their personal terrorist death squads to enforce their sinister agendas upon any poor Baloch villager who raises their voice against their cruel barbarism.

In Occupied Balochistan, The Baloch people are subjected to enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings, perpetual military operations, and they are often deprived of even the most basic necessities of life; such as clean water, electricity, health care, and education. Everyday common Baloch people do not even have the expectation of personal safety in Occupied Balochistan. Any Baloch who dares to expect such luxuries is considered an enemy of the state and becomes an immediate target of State persecution.

Although representatives within the international community boldly claim to oppose and condemn such crimes against humanity; the international community remains completely silent, refusing to even acknowledge Pakistan's wicked crusade against the Baloch people.

Balochi TV Online

Reporter - Shawn Forbes
Producer - Aziz Baloch

homepage: homepage: http://www.balochitvonline.com/baloch-activists-restricted-from-travelling-to-us.html

Baluchistan, Like Libya Has Vast Oil, Very Few People 23.Jun.2015 18:52


Baluchistan seems to be a mountainous dry desert with a population of very roughly 10,000,000 people (A bit more than that of New york City), with an area of 134,051 square miles, or 91.1% that of New Mexico. As a result of Anglo-American geopolitics, parts of it legally belong to Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Like Libya, it has vast deposits of oil, and of gold and copper as well. Thus it is ripe for humanitarian intervention.

Each year thousands of American citizens disappear. Due to national security laws such as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), it is perfectly legal for the U.S. government to make them disappear. News of this can be suppressed via "national security letters."