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Video: This Changes Everything, 16 min

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people. The bomb changed everything except the way we think, said Albert Einstein. Our thinking about strength, security, health and work must change in a post-growth and post-accumulation world. The digital world, climate change and trade disaster agreements call us to rethinking and new thinking.
Video: This Changes Everything from www.submedia.tv, 16 min


"This Changes Everything" our rant where we take on the NGO led spectacle called the People's Climate March, plus a look at Peru's spectacular resistance against a copper mine, and the call from the east to disrupt oil extraction and infrastructure. On the music break, Ontario based hip-hop group Flowtilla with "Stop Line 9″. We wrap things up with an exclusive interview with Sea, an inhabitant of la ZAD, Europe's largest post capitalist occupation.

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America’s Most Advanced Climate Station Data Shows US In A 10-Year Cooling Trend 19.Jun.2015 17:47


It's not getting "warmer" at all. It's getting colder.

This is bullshit.

We are supposed to forget about the real things.

Like nuclear winter from a war with Russia, for example.

Lets be Honest 19.Jun.2015 23:42

~ the path ~

The ice is melting

And water shortages are abounding

The Reality Of "Climate" 20.Jun.2015 00:47


It's very hard to know if the world is "warming". It seems that modern "thermometry" says it isn't. Lots of ice is melting in some places, for some reason or other, but the global picture does not look like it's getting hotter.

I have been warning of global drying for some time. An amazing amount of the earth's water is fresh water beneath continental crust. We are pumping it up, using it, and then sending it into the oceans, causing rising sea levels. This is likely to be the real problem.

Except for the likelihood of nuclear winter.