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Float the Pipe! June 19-20

To help publicize the proposed LNG pipeline in SW Oregon, the Cascadia Forest Defenders and are doing a publicity float starting at where the pipeline is proposed to cross the South Umpqua River.
Cascadia Forest Defenders launches "Float the Pipe", a floating protest of the Pacific Connector LNG pipeline, at the precise location the pipe would cross the South Umpqua river.

With the fight against the LNG pipeline and export terminal heating up in Oregon, CFD has decided to lead a flotilla of activists down a threatenend stretch of the South Umpqua. They will stretch a banner across the point where the pipeline would be bored underneath the river, then set off on their 12 mile, 2 day float through the waters that would flow downstream of the pipe. They will document the watershed they see along the way.

What: Press conference at the launch of Float the Pipe

Who: Cascadia Forest Defenders and friends

When: Friday, June 19 at 10am

Where: The proposed location that the pipeline would cross underneath the South Umpqua river. Just south of the Rivers West South Umpqua campground, 1-5 exit #112, on the east side of I-5. We will be putting boats in the water on Booth Ranch Rd. Myrtle, OR 97457

Why: To protest the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove energy terminal and to get to know a threatened section of the South Umpqua river.


Cascadia Forest Defenders hosts a community picnic in Winston, Oregon at the end of Float the Pipe. Affected landowners, local activists, and community members will be invited.

A 231-mile pipeline is a statewide issue. Cascadia Forest Defenders wants to bring interested parties from all over the political spectrum together to discuss the growing campaign against this project. At the end of Float the Pipe, we will take our boats out of the water and celebrate with food and friendship.

What: Press conference at the No LNG community picnic

Who: Cascadia Forest Defenders, Southern Oregon landowners, local activists and environmentalists from near and far.

When: Saturday, June 20 from 4pm-6pm

Where: 630 Douglas Blvd. Winston, OR. The new boatramp/park on the west side of town.

Why: To celebrate the end of Float the Pipe, bring people together in food and friendship, and give stakeholders with different perspectives a chance to talk to the media.

For more information, call Erin Grady at 303 905 8601.

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefensenow.com
phone: phone: 303 905 8601

Banner Drop 19.Jun.2015 23:47

Banner Activist

On Monday morning, Cascadia Forest Defenders dropped a banner from the 97 overpass above Greenwood Avenue in Bend, Oregon reading "Entering Deschutes National Forest: Where Recreation and Clearcuts Abound!" The banner draws attention to the Forest Service's environmentally catastrophic forest management practices in the Deschutes National Forest.

"This is a reminder to those who fish, hike, and bike in the Deschutes," said activist Alex Gloster. "Behind the scenes, the forest they love is being destroyed."

In the last year alone, the Forest Service has planned to log over 48,000 acres in the Deschutes National Forest.

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