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TPP, designed to make medicine more expensive and reforms more difficult

The TPP is the latest and most important new trade agreement that seeks to create new standards for intellectual property that are more friendly to pharmaceutical companies and publishers.
The TPP chapter on intellectual property includes all sorts of obligations designed to expand and extend drug monopolies.
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The US Congress is poised to give President Obama broad authority to conclude a binding international trade agreement known as the TransPacific Partnership (TPP). The topics covered in the agreement are diverse, spanning dozens of chapters on topics most people don't even know belong in a trade agreement. While tariffs were the focus of many early 20th century trade negotiations, today the big issues are the regulation of banks and financial services, intellectual property rights, health and safety standards, regulation of the environment, pricing of new drugs and medical devices, privacy of your personal data, and other topics about which many of us have strong opinions. But our opinions are devalued, largely because of the asymmetric secrecy surrounding the negotiation. The secrecy is asymmetric because it does not apply to everyone. Of course all of the governments involved have access to the negotiating text, and so do hundreds of "cleared advisers" from the private sector on White House trade advisory boards. Basically, big corporations have access to the details of the negotiation but you don't. The secrecy is all about diminishing your power, your voice, and magnifying corporate power (as if that was needed).

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