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We need your help.

Trailsoftheheart.com is dedicated to helping the recovering Addict heal every aspect of his of her life. This online support system is meant to help the addict network with employers as well as offer support throughout the Addicted person's journey to a full recovery.
This is a new website and most of the services we offer are free. We offers forums that are meant to be used as an online support group to help both the Addict and those closest to the addict. We would like to ask people to send 5 min mp4s of the hardships and successful steps of your journey to recovery. We acknowledge that the friends and family of the addicted person also must deal with the recovery process so the friends and family are always invited to talk about how the addiction effects them. This is a free website that talks about all aspects of human addiction. The only time you pay is if you wish to have access one of the support groups.

Please send any mp4s to  drantolicbooks@gmail.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.trailsoftheheart.com