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Sweeps Happening now

Sweeps are in progress - Thursday morning in PDX
pdxabc: Massive sweep happening at third and Harrison about a dozen cops. Come one come all!

This alert was sent out at 9:44 on Thursday morning

Sweeps in SE - Morning update 04.Jun.2015 11:55

cops have --- left for Today

10:50 AM Thursday (SE PDX)

police have left the area of SE 3rd & Harrison (Thursday)

police have posted "eviction notices" all over the area

"this is the place they have been pushing people"

Cop watchers will be out at 9am in this area, they need more - "don't have enough"

To get Text alerts to your cell

Just send a text to 23559
Enter @stopthesweeps as your text message (in order to get signed up)

You will then get "alerts" as txt messages; regarding these horrible sweeps and when and where they are taking place

More copwatchers are needed