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WRITE inside, WRITE above................(Remembering Gretchen)

Dedicated to a woman who was very generous last year, in recognition for my work with Street Roots, and community. I was able to purchase proper attire with her gift card. After learning she passed recently, I wrote this poem today in tribute to her memory.
.WRITE inside yourself, the light!

.A new life, high above us

.Yet below us you STILL loved us

.Faster than a speed of light,

.Swifter, quicker than a thief in the night

.Except you gave as were taken

.Forsaken all others, you blossom ALL as your brothers

.A WILL to WRITE, even while weak as you wept, silent sorrow

.Slept in your cries

.The pen, the pad, no longer sad high above

.As you sighed your last down below


.A blog NEVER broken,.......cause some only saw...........ME!


Ink Pen picture credited www.surefire.com 31.May.2015 19:12

Marlon Crump a.k.a "Mad Man Marlon."

Ink Pen document credited online to give strength contention.