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Never Forget


Join us for
a Memorial ceremony
to remember the 18 elephants
born at the Oregon Zoo who have died.

Please wear black. Thank you.
Rama, 32 years old, is the latest to die at the Oregon Zoo. Many others have preceded him, and the saddest part is not their deaths, but their years of confinement and the suffering caused by the inhumane conditions for elephants in zoos. Many of the zoo's elephants were shipped to circuses, like Stoney, who died in the back of a dumpster, his leg broken from performing a circus trick. Unable to get up, he was put down, his pathetic life now over. Stoney was born at the Oregon Zoo and his fate is similar to many others. Join us in commemorating the 18 elephants who died and help us put an end to the cruel breeding program at the zoo that results in more elephants born into captivity, and who will died in captivity.

Sponsored by Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants
Join us on Facfebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1406991506291451/

homepage: homepage: http://freeoregonzooelephants.org/