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we must do something
This is what a coward looks like
This is what a coward looks like
"He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
― Thomas Paine

Blogtown, PDX
Portland Police Are Planning the Toughest Campsite Crackdown in Years, Starting Next Week
by Dirk VanderHart

Portland police are planning their most intensive crackdown on homeless camping in years, saying complaints over "entrenched" homelessness have reached a tipping point. Beginning Tuesday and extending into June, officers will target encampments throughout the city's Central Eastsideódemanding campers take down their tents, and pushing social services on them.
 link to m.portlandmercury.com
Next week we should protest in front of the den of sulfur, (City Hall) during lunch hour, pass the word. Pitch folks, are cool. Hales needs to hear from all of us. I will be there about noon, damn these shits! char-lie-the-hales phone number is 503-823-4120, just leave a message he and his staff are too cowardly to answer the phone. You must call, they are claiming they are only responding to complaints, let's call with our complaints about lack of action to help and not punish the houseless. Make the call or get out of the way and be a "wootz."

Our demands:
1. Set up storage area downtown where people can store their sleeping gear and pick it up at night
2. 2. Set us porter-potties around city hall and downtown.
3. Pass a resolution endorsing the Homeless Bill of Rights.
4. Meet monthly with a group of homeless/housless citizens to understand what they need.
These are simple and very inexpensive things the city can do now, not tomorrow but now.

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

stop 25.May.2015 10:48

lone vet

I am coming to the conclusion there is nothing to save in our politics and it needs to implode. We must start thinking about what to replace this corrupt system with, seems like we have a problem that any violent revolution has not created a better system, most of the time it is more repressive. So, for me what I will do is non-participation wherever I can. I will not serve on any committees, because that is supporting the present government and I don't want to do that. I do not pay much in taxes because I am retired. I gave up my car over ten years ago so no money to the state or oil companies. I will not offer any solution to problems because the system is so corrupt they will not do anything that actually works, they just want more money for their friends. I will monitor but not participate in the discussions any more, you have to have some hope in order to present arguments to change things. This system would implode if all people who volunteer would simply stop. Many people love volunteering but you make a corrupt system tolerable, so you are part of the problem. How many nonprofits could continue if all the volunteers stop coming to work? This will not happen overnight and lots of people will come up with good reasons to continue to contribute to this sick system. But, mark my words; you want change, this is the fastest way to get it. I will begin my non-participation starting next week over the sweeps and the destruction of the reservoirs. What do you think?