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Video: Humans Need Not Apply, 15 min

The future that is decentralized and regionalized where the person and not money is central seems marginalized in our late stage capitalism of exploding inequality, selective perception, myths and fairy tales. Mechanization and digitalization are realities that must be faced. Mundane repetitive work is being replaced. Once 90\% of the population was forced to do farming work, now 2\% do farming work. Expecting freedom without struggle is like expecting crops w/o plowing.

Imagine people being writers, poets, editors, translators, aggregators, synthesizers, generalists and cloud workers!

That might actually turn out really well, since robots aren't interested in temporal gain; they aren't motivated by money or power (unless you program them to be). So, maybe government robots will be incorruptible politicians, programmed to respond to the needs of constituents in an efficient way rather than riding on hype, using scapegoats and desperately trying to get reelected

Senators can fall in love with their lavish apartments and bizarre free trade agreements with parallel private arbitration systems become "without alternative" though they represent crises for democracy and the constitutional state!

The time is right for alternative economics, reducing working hours, community centers, environmental caring, new policy alternatives and new priorities! Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by whole people.


"Rewriting the Rules for the American Economy," Joseph Stiglitz et al., 115 pp
 link to www.rewritetherules.org







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