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Call to Action

Hales got to go
Picture by Ken
Picture by Ken

Call to Action:

The City of Portland has a majority of the City Council running for re-election in 2016, Char-lie the Hales, Amanda Fritz, and that jester Steve Novick. Individuals For Justice will not endorse any of them and as of next Tuesday will actively campaign against Char-lie the Hales and name the day "Anybody but Hales Day." We will kick off our campaign with a protest outside of city hall at 11:30 AM to about 12:30 PM May 12th, so we can catch the lunch crowd. We will move from time to time and show up at places like the City Club and other places where people gather. We will do this from the 12th of May until Char-lie the Hales has withdrawn from the mayor's race. We would like to go after novick,( AKA Brutus,) but our resources are limited and we choose to go after just one for the time being, we will add novick sometime down the line, as he too is arrogant and thinks he knows more than the rest of us combined. What we need is to elect citizen representatives who will understand they represent us and not their own egos. We have time on our hands and must use that now because we have little money so we will be annoying for six months and then go positive, (ex) what we want in our candidates. So come and join us for a while on next Tuesday and you can always join us in the Den of Sulfur on Wednesday when the 5 shits hold their circle jerk starting about 0930. I will no longer attend the County Board meetings on Thursdays because I just don't have the stamina anymore. I like the 5 County Board members, don't trust them, but do like them and believe they are trying; that is all we ask/demand!
"Want to take a ride?" Http://IndividualsForJustice.com

WHY GO AFTER MAYOR Char-lie the hales?

Led the charge to rejoin *J.T.T.F.
1. Worked with Comm. Novick to raise taxes to replace street repair monies squandered on street cars.
2. Led the charge to cover the reservoirs, costing city about 1 billion dollars.
3. Runs city council meetings like Nero ran the roman senate.
4. For Pembina before he was against it. (council vote 10 June)
5. Directed sweeps of the homeless have cops steal their belongings.
6. Undermining the agreement worked out with DOJ concerning changes in our police force.
7. Lying repeatedly about money on hand.
8. Takes too many trips outside of Oregon and the United States; on your tax money.
9. He is arrogant, thinks he knows more than all the committees, commissions, civic groups combined.

Hales must be defeated in 2016, Portland needs representatives not dictators!
*J.T.T.F—Joint terrorist task force, led by FBI

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

"Anybody but Hales Day." 11.May.2015 19:18


We will kick off our campaign with a protest outside of city hall at 11:30 AM to about 12:30 PM May 12th 2015