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Hello (PDX IMC bees) Anyone At Home ?

One week ago, I had asked about the skewed 05/01/15 graphic image on Center page of this site :


( and received crickets/ no response )

Can any workerbees / IMCers please explain why the uploaded graphic has been skewed vertically like that?

Also, what is the protocol / filesize limits for uploaded graphics files at this site?

i.e. what file sizes / pixel height-width are acceptable, and which are too big



Reply on images 07.May.2015 22:09


I as one workerbee, speaking only for myself, I don't know the answer you are looking for in regards to the graphic images.
The techs are aware, and as of yet, I myself have not heard back from them on why its happening.

As per the file size / pixel height-width I don't know that either but I will inquire and post the reply here on this thread.
I have seen some pretty big images posted in the past and I am not aware of any threshold.

Except (think about it) 08.May.2015 04:47

Mike Novack

No useful purpose is served by failure to compress an image down to the resolution sufficient for display on a computer screen (the original resolution, intended for photographic print, orders of magnitude larger in size).

The downside of being lazy and not reducing the resolution is not everybody trying to use the website has broadband. Might come as a shock, but although most people do have broadband, that's because most people live in cities, or at least heavily built up suburbs. But in terms of land area, little of this country is wired for fiber.

When I need to download something (or view an uncompressed image) that means putting a computer into the car and driving to town where broadband is available. Not going to access large data items over a 28.8 KBaud phone line (about 5 minutes per megabyte)

Hey Mike 08.May.2015 17:51


Thanks for your input and I understand completely what you're saying. It's (bandwidth usage etc.) a good concern to have.

However that (filesize/bandwidth) is not per se what the topic of this thread is about.

The topic of this thread, is about a currently-posted image on the center page of PDX IMC, which is skewed vertically.

Have also noticed many other images, of 'appropriate' small pixel dimensions/filesize i.e. < 300 pixels on a side, < 50 KB size which after upload have also been skewed vertically or horizontally (for no apparent ? reason).

Why is this happening. Also, it started happening about 6 months or so ago on this site.

Thanks again to the IMC workerbee who responded and all others who keep the site running.

Look forward to hearing more about the image-skewing issue (and related/tangent acceptable filesize, upload-to-site parameters).

repo 18.May.2015 12:00

ex workerbee

The indymedia network itself is dead and all but gone with only some scattered disconnected remnants remaining.

The global indymedia site is archive only... the sidebar links to global lists/print/video etc all go to no content.

Of the one time 175 local indymedia sites around the world, only 18 remain (7 in the U.S.). By remain I mean the site is still functional and has some up to date content. That does not mean each of them are thriving with a healthy group of contributors covering tech support, editorial/content maintenance and reporting/organizing. Most of them are running out of date CMS software with minimal people actually involved. Only 1 IMC site worldwide is mobile friendly.

Portland Indymedia is also run on an outdated and no longer supported CMS (Content Management System). Sooner or later it is going to break and be irreparable. There is very little site maintenance. The radio archives don't work. Neither do the video archives. The older Action pages like the original A22 Bush protest page are not functional. All the image links are broken, and the articles links are too. The cities list is not updated (Don't click on Tokelau IMC). The Calendar still works because that is hosted on Protest.net though it is (like the thumbnails) displaying too narrow on the page.