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What if we disarmed the cops?

I've long wondered about the question from the old song, "Why do police guys beat on peace guys?"
What if we passed a law disarming the cops? No guns, no tazers, no billyclubs, no mace. No fear -- we could safely walk the streets even if dirty or not white.

What if instead of learning to hit and shoot, they had to learn things like empathy, understanding, politeness, diplomacy, listening instead of barking orders, non-violent conflict resolution? What if they actually served and protected people, instead of property?

Betcha cops would resign en masse. There would be no new recruits. Who would want to be a cop if ya can't beat folks up?

It would be a major shift -- peacekeepers instead of oathkeepers. Cops would be respected instead of feared (those words are not synonymous), thanked instead of blamed. As the "thin blue line" evaporates, they would become part of society at large instead of part of their own closed society.

Could it happen here? What would it take?

If you remove the firewall in a minority community . . . 30.Apr.2015 20:27


Let's assume the firewall is police. If you remove that firewall the minority community would be subject to immediate violence and terrible crime against innocent people.

Misunderstanding 30.Apr.2015 22:56


It's not an accident that police are mindless violent thugs. Their true role is obvious to anyone that belongs to the underclass and to anyone who threatens the established order. They exist to enforce a social peace only made possible by the violent suppression of those who resist it or refuse to abide by its rules.

anon 01.May.2015 07:16

other anon

Your statement could be made about any human society, majority or minority.

bad cops 01.May.2015 10:53

bad system

We need to find alternative community protection / security ...not the same as what we have now, but a new way to deal with issue that require help / protection for those who are being violated by anouther.

It will require us all to "think outside the box" to find new ways to deal w/ our society's problems, the current system is failing (has failed) and is hurting the communities especially the poor and marginalized.

I think one starting point is; the peoples voice, our communities rising up; speaking out, and demanding change, demanding citizen oversights and citizen planning & involvement with "our police" - demanding new protection structures/institutions and the call for removal of the current abusive, failed, corrupt police force we all live w/ today.

Anarchists have been discussing this topic for years, and there is some good ideas floating around, that are much better than what we live w/ currently, a search online or reading from anarchist literature can help shed new ideas and break down the concept that "we need police" to be safe.

(example link)  http://libcom.org/forums/theory/police-anarchism-11012011

anarchy 01.May.2015 12:46


Funny how anarchists and Libertarians sometimes sound very similar. Caveat emptor, every person for themselves.

Cops Are (Still) Cowards Abolish The Police 02.May.2015 09:47

( "what if we disarmed" ... )

Cops Are Cowards

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who police crank up unrest 02.May.2015 11:37

Cops = Trouble

Media Blackout: How Baltimore Cops Turned a Peaceful Student Protest Into a Riot

 link to theantimedia.org


This same style - tactic of police harassment and introducing violence at a peaceful protest happened in Portland on Mayday