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Video: Richard Trumka and Reiner Hoffmann on TTIP

TTIP represents a crisis for democracy and the constitutional state. Corporations could sue states for lost profits in parallel private arbitration courts. Labor and environmental regulations could be chilled or invalidated as "takings" or "indirect expropriation." Public interest legislation is threatened as denying the "humahn right to profit" of investors
Video: Richard Trumka on TTIP, April 22, 2015 from www.socialeurope.eu


The focus of this year's Benchmarking report is on the lessons learned - or not learned - from eight years of economic crisis and austerity policy. The findings point to policy failures and to the need to redefine alternatives in order to get Europe back on a sustainable growth path. The deterioration of the labour market and social situation in the EU, along with the appointment of a new Commission last autumn, have led to some renewed policy initiatives that seek to restore growth as a means of addressing the situation. The most notable of these initiatives is the Annual Growth Survey with its three pillars: the Investment Plan, fiscal responsibility and structural reforms.

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Scott Sinclair podcast on TPP, 55 min 02.May.2015 18:05


Free Trade, TPP and TTIP Should be Scrapped!

Public interest regulations can be chilled or invalidated as violating foreign investors' "human right to profit." Sovereignty is transferred from states and communities to corporations. Labor and environmental regulations can be called "Indirect expropriations" or "takings" in parallel private arbitration courts where only foreign investors can sue and decisions are irrevocable.

Scott Sinclair is a senior researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and author of a 20-page study "Investor-State-Dispute Settlement."

You can listen to a 55 min podcast broadcast after Wikileaks published a leak telling us about investment, intellectual property and services in March 2014


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