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OFFICIAL version of one of Madonna GREATEST comeback gospel songs sings "Like A Prayer" since her 1990 Immaculate Collection. Uplifts us ALL from the depths of darkness and despair.
And God is gonna lead me ONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
Madonna in her hit single from her latest album just released "Rebel Heart" with a gospel theme, "Living for Love."

On Last Month, I purchased "Rebel Heart" from a "Target" Department store. I was told by a store employee (after he gave me a strange look, while whispering to his co-worker) until I walked up that this was the most "craziest" of her albums. I was given the choice between one album or the extended version.

I chose the latter, nothing short of a female vocal artist living legend who's too irreplaceable in her magical art, music, and even movements. This was the first track (literally) I listened to. "Living for love sounds strikingly-similar to "Like a Prayer" from her 1990 album, "The Immaculate Collection."

After listening to the entire album, I IMMEDIATELY went to work to write a review. Despite my constant errors (even a perfectionist writer makes mistakes) I managed to complete the official version on April 2nd, 2015 of this year posted on this very site:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/03/429521.shtml

In the video version of this hit single (  https://www.youtube.com/watch\?v=u9h7Teiyvc8) Madonna is dressed in a burgundy red matador costume, while the male dancers are muscle-bound wearing bull skulls on top of their heads, attempting to "attack." In a dance around musical, she attacks them, tosses them around, twirling her jacket in an o'le sexually expressive style around.......while singing in her I'm-In-Your- Madonna- now- what??!!! motherfucka face form.

The stage setting, is burgundy red. Flirting with death, it is quite often known that the color "red" is the ONE color you NEVER wear when riding or taming a bull.

Listening to it, most of us who've had our hearts, (men or women) know that feeling when someone reaches inside or chest, plays with it, then sucks it right out. (As shown on the back album cover) Like pulling a plug from a refrigerator, how can one go on when you can't eat, sleep, or even breath from such betrayal?

The answer, as she expresses in the gospel: G-O-D!

Love is a battlefield that you had BETTER mean........unless you want the heavy artillery of art (and karma) through writing, poetry, and other form of art coming your way. Guilt is a ONE way trip.......that has absolutely NO coming back around.

Think even Madonna, herself KNOWS that even in her humanity and devotion to it, we learn that being on top, you're reminded of the world's darkness; REGARDLESS of who we are, what we are or where we've been.

Redeem of a Queen. Forgiven for ALL time!

Say so for us all!

"When demons SMILE when you FALL......but frown when you RISE.......from Self-Demise!"

Marlon Crump, a.k.a "Mad Man Marlon" in "DEstruction of Angels......RE-construction of Angels." (Published in Street Roots0

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newswire & open compost 29.Apr.2015 15:09


Your previous posts on the Madonna topic, are in the open compost:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/compost/compost2015.shtml

They are still view-able on the internet (look at bottom of the indy newswire column for the open compost link).

As one of the workerbees for indymedia I dont feel these music review posts are really "community news'.

They are opinions and "reviews" of a musician / artist and her product.

Interesting as it is, I as one of the workerbee don't feel it is what indymedias front page should be covering.

If you scroll over the news wire you can get a feel of what the newswire is for.

For now I am letting this stay up on the newswire instead of moving it to the open compost.

This post appears to be "almost the same" as as this previous one:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/03/429521.shtml
(which can make the first one "almost" a duplicate) [duplicates are removed and not visible on the website due to it being "duplicated"]

Other workerbees may have a different opinion from mine and may choose to discuss this more (or) not.