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SUBMEDIA: A Decade of Subversion @PSU 4.28

Submedia: A Decade of Subversion
Tuesday April 28th 2015 7:00pm-9:00pm



Submedia: A Decade of Subversion
Tuesday April 28th 2015 7:00pm-9:00pm
Portland State University
1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201
Smith Memorial Student Union Building Room- 296

subMedia.tv brings us a decade plus worth of resistance cinema. From indigenous communities blockading oil pipelines to students rioting in streets of Montreal, subMedia.tv projects the pulse of people power movements worldwide.

[: http://submedia.tv/]

You guys have no Idea what subversion is? ...do you.. 26.Apr.2015 14:03

Tracy Mapes

Think ...No Journalists, No President, No Supreme Court.

Just Prisoners, Prostitutes, and Crisis Actos from Hell.

There is your subversion.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

well then 26.Apr.2015 15:07

that said

you have no idea what submedia tv is!

No Idea What subMedia tv Is -- That's The Problem 27.Apr.2015 00:14


Who are they? On its website, subMedia.tv claims to have been founded in 1994. Where have they been hiding? They also imply some connection with CrimethInc. Ex-Workers' Collective, which I've actually heard of. The biggest issue for me is that they have have suddenly come to my attention with a very slick, very expensive website, and apparently with a literally global network - yet with absolutely no visible revenue model. Where do they get the money for all that glitz?

They obviously advocate shoplifting and stealing from workplaces. That will certainly not win any hearts and minds. It will just give their devotees more problems than they may already have. And they have "battle cries" like "Molotov!" -- how do they get away with that? And they have videos of mostly "sexy" protests at college campuses. (Last time I checked, the schools simply expelled students who protested.) This looks like nothing else than a glossy hipster tabloid like Vice Media, only aimed at radicals and anarchists, etc.

Well I'm not all that impressed, am not going to get busted for shoplifting, am not going to get all excited when they beat their drums. Most effective protests these days are not flashy and "fun." They tend to have a lot of people who appear to be more or less ordinary. I won't put faith in some pied pipers who have lots of backing and are of unknown provenance. Maybe if they clean up the shoplifting foolishness and build a track record they might do some good. But I am not going to be an overnight fan.

slick 27.Apr.2015 11:33


Submedia has been here on the internet for years.

I went to a small packed event at the Red 7 Black 10 years ago where the "stimulator" played some videos and answered questions.
There is a ton of videos in his treasure chest, and they didn't just appear one day.
People submit videos from all over [and] he does interviews (probably by folks filming them selves and then he mixes in the interview questions).
You dont have to shoplift or throw a cocktail to be involved or acknowledge it is happening.
He has 'donate' tabs all over the website, even for bitcoin, the rest of the slick glitz work is editing and website shizzle.