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Video: Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting - April 1 2015

This is the April 1st 2015 Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting
 https://youtu.be/UmaWcJ1i0Lk [video 2 hrs. 38 mins.]

During the first part of the meeting there is a "thank you" to out-going long-time running [7yrs] Commissioner Moloy Good, it is around 2:39 in the video.
This is the April 1st 2015 Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting
 https://youtu.be/UmaWcJ1i0Lk [video 2 hrs. 38 mins.]

This is the full recording of their complete meeting

The monthly meeting for the Portland Human Rights Commission (PHRC) is held on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM in downtown Portland. The Portland Human Rights Commission [PHRC] website is here:  https://www.portlandoregon.gov/oehr/6

I have archived & documented related facts and information regarding the information that is gleaned or given out at these PHRC monthly meetings [as much as possible] on my website here:

The Agenda is online here:

AGENDA {copied from a pdf file}

1. Welcome and Gathering (10 min)
2. 4:10(B(4:15 Approval(of(Agenda(and(Minutes (5(min)
3. 4:15(-(4:35 Executive(Committee(and(Staff(Report( (20(min)
Executive! Committee!Elections

--> *Moloy Good (4:15) Appreciation of HRC volunteer service for the commission [*last of original commissioners]

4. 4:35(B(4:50 OEHR(Report (15(min)
5. 4:50(-(5:10( Lisa(Gramp,(Deputy(City(Attorney (20(min)
6. 5:10 -(5:30 Nominating(Committee (20(min)
7. 5:30 -(5:50( Advisor(on(working(with(youth (20(min)
8. 5:50(-(6:10 Public(Comment( (15(min)
9. 6:10 -(6:20 Retreat(Planning (10(min)
10. 6:20-(6:30 To(be(determined: (10(min)(
10.((6:30( Adjourn]

All Previous Portland Human Rights "Meeting Videos" are "archived on my website" here:  http://www.joeanybody.com/id4.html

This same video is available for viewing or downloading on Archive (dot) org here:

VIDEO OUT - TAKE From This HRC Meeting Copied Below:
 https://youtu.be/rInyyZiVSPg [Directors Report Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting -out take- 4.1.15]

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