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You Think Facebook Is Your Friend\\\?\\\?\\\?

Not Facebook, not Google+, not Blogger, not Yahoo, not Disqus. Let your ideas be filtered by giant corporations\\\? Really\\\? Really\\\?\\\?\\\?

I have (Firefox software -- Block site Add-on) to blacklist these leeches. You have to be a big sucker to let them in.
Hacker News -- 04/15/15 -- Ask HN: Facebook killed our events for Canada-wide C51 protests. Need help

I am part of a group organizing Canada wide protests against Bill C51, which is yet another piece of anti-terror legislation that trades rights and freedoms for "security", scare quotes due to legal experts saying this will actually make us less safe

One of our lead organizers was banned from Facebook, where we have been doing the majority of our outreach (yes, the irony is realized). We suspect she tripped an automated spam filter due to our heavy activity in recent weeks

She is the host of 3 event pages with hundreds of participants, and those pages are now disabled as well!

The event is this Saturday and this is an incredibly inconvenient time for this to happen.

We are following normal channels but are worried that will take far too long. We need to fast track a fix.

If anyone works for Facebook or has suggestions for who to contact, please reply or you can also email me @  robertfrederickwarner@gmail.com

Thank you HN!


The Huffington Post -- 04/14/2015 -- Bill C-51 Poses a Serious Threat to Free Expression in Canada
 link to www.huffingtonpost.ca

Bill C-51 is complex, dangerous, and poses a serious threat to free expression in Canada. If found to be in violation of the proposed legislation, citizens and visitors could wind up slapped with censorship orders, detained without due process or imprisoned for up to five years.

Trust corporate social media\\\?


Facebook is Evil 15.Apr.2015 19:09

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

Screw Facebook

Don't feed them information

Don't trust them with your personal and social information and or your events

Given time they will collect, analyze and monitor everything you post, and cross connect them with everyone you know

They will know more about you and what you're doing than you know about yourself or when your gonna do it

They banned me last year on 9.11 (they wanted my real name) - I will never go back

Long Live Indymedia

Please ...Do not fear Social Media 16.Apr.2015 00:09

Tracy Mapes

If You want to sprfead Information in a timely manner, utilize the Tools that the People have embraced.

You do not need to fear anything if You present the Truth as best you know how. When no one answers your concerns, and Your Subject does not respond to allegations made? ...the People will see the Truth.

Do not fear to use Your Real Name. If the Truth is on your side? ...At least you can pass with Honor.

Take Care, Tracy

The Arab Spring Started with Facebook. If You have a Passion and a Fire You want to start, Don't Forget. Facebook is like Matches.
Tracy Mapes - Signs put up in my Honor 2003 for Press Related Activities.
Tracy Mapes - Signs put up in my Honor 2003 for Press Related Activities.

Facebook? Or NSA interface. 16.Apr.2015 03:39

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

I use facebook to talk directly to the NSA. Having grown up under constant government surveillance thanks to my father's military complex and nuclear industry driven career, I want the paranoid sociopaths at the highest level of American power to know just how much contempt I have for them.

Indymedia Will Not Die 18.Apr.2015 12:55


No matter what happens with Indymedia.Org, I just happen to have a friend who owns a very stable "Indymedia" top level domain. And it will not be "going south" ever!

If the Org sites fail, that will be made whole in no time.

So don't count your vultures before they hatch.