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Darkness Behind a Star: The Mauled, Mighty Mind of Mad Man Marlon.

The following is a summary poetic, detailed description of the tour of a torn, traumatized, triggered, yet triumphant mind that has P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

And how regardless Mad Man Marlon hit nearly rock-bottom (wanting to end my life, but got saved by the people I love) and balancing many worlds within my well-being. Day-to-Day drama, theatrical trauma, and defeating darkness by relying on GOD, my family, friends, karma, and........M-A-D-O-N-N-A!
.What does the world REALLY "see" when a star "rises" then fall?

.Rags to "riches" sucked up, fucked up

.Like being thrown into dirty ditches

.Unable to afford bills for stitches

.Mind molested, mauled, stalled, heart stabbed,

.Time and time again, even by my own "mother" from birth

.Followed by evil, heartless, soulless, jezebel-like brutal


.Mocked by schoolmates, "Learning disability."

.Yet I shocked even myself when I excelled

.On failed fucking report cards

.Chases and jumped, when I didn't "fit in" on schoolyards

.Demons smiling, compiling, then finally frowning

.Free from drowning. Rising from "self-demise"!

.With an H.B.K. (Heartbreak Kid) "Sweet Chin Music to my foes

.Winning my "Vendor of the Year" prize

"Don't hunt what you can't kill, because I'm Superman motherfuckas!

.A pretty Man of Steel smile, with a Dark Knight demeanor!

.A "Daredevil" Man Without Fear. A one man walking WrestleMania match

. A Beast like incarnate, to say the least............Y'all better RECOGNIZE!!!!!!

"I'm not (or anyone) TOO smart for my own good! It's just good to be SMART............period!!!"

Mad Man Marlon.

Pictures of................MAD MAN MARLON!!!!! 11.Apr.2015 22:38

Marlon Crump a.k.a "Mad Man Marlon"

ITS A MAD MAN MARLON'S WORLD 13.Apr.2015 15:26

Marlon Crump a.k.a "Mad Man Marlon.'

Revolutionary Legal Scholar...........RISES!!!!! 13.Apr.2015 15:34

Marlon Crump a.k.a "Mad Man Marlon."

Got my "Dark Knight" Bat Signal alert mind on.