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Shut Down The TERF Rally Next Week!

Portland's most militant Trans* and GenderQueer Liberation group, PATSAT, in solidarity also with PDX Trans* Pride organization, protests and pledges an end to upcoming TERF anti-Trans*feminine, anti-CAMAB, cis "rights" rally sponsored by Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, a known anti-Trans* defamation and hate group.
Attention all CAMAB Trans*feminine and GenderQueer folks, CAFAB allies, and Cis Male allies!

Next Saturday, April 18 is the Day of Reckoning for TERF/SWERF group Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Portland Chapter. Michfest Portland is bringing in TERF Heavy-Weights such as Lierre Keith, Rachel Ivey, Samantha Berg along with live entertainment in order to finance Michfest, the annual anti-Trans* rally and indoctrination camp. Their political and economic influences are so powerful that Michfest literally has succeeded in lobbying Michigan legislators to resist any state bills that seek to end discrimination against gender identity and sexual orientation (TERF/SWERF claim to be feminist lesbians, but many of them are pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic nuns in disguise, secretly affiliated with the Society of St. Pius X, if they are not members of the Dianic Wicca sect which believes in lesbian sex and nudist rituals as integral parts of their "religion"). Their blackmailing has also succeeded in forcing Equality Michigan and National Center for (Real) Lesbian Rights to retract their opposition to Michfest.

Regardless, we are in Oregon and we fight back.

All Trans* and GenderQueer folks must stand in Unity, Solidarity, and Single-Minded Loyalty to defeat Michfest in Our fabulous Portland, the historical Trans* capital of the world. All our allies are also welcome in joining this Struggle of the Century.

Michfest is TERF, and TERF has recently doxxed the leader of Portland Trans* Pride, Rebekah Katherine Brewis, publicly outed her, harassed her, and libeled her in their hate speech websites. The same TERF group also doxxed and defamed Trans* activist and community organizer Norma Bullhorn, who is now a martyr to the cause of gender liberation.

Saturday, April 18 will be the day to remember for all TERF and SWERF in Oregon as our direct action will stop their evil terrorist "fundraiser" from even happening. You are either with us, or with the TERF. Those who do not stand in solidarity with us are enemies of all Trans* people of the world, and they will be exposed and named. Especially those TruScums and "Gender Critical Trans*" must watch out because we will deal with traitors and fifth-columns among our ranks severely.

This is a Diversity of Tactics action. We encourage everyone to form their own autonomous affinity group and respect other groups' autonomy.

March starts: Holladay Park, NE Multnomah & NE 11th, 6:30 PM
Rally in front of TERF-Owned Cotton Cloud Futon (701 NE Broadway) from 7:00 PM until all TERF and TERF-sympathizers give up on their hate rally and leave (as long as it takes).

Here are suggestions (thanks GenderAngel):

[1] BRING DILDOES and STRAP-ONS , hundreds of 'em - TERF hate Penis. Lets welcum TERF with massive show of Phallic salutes
[2] Read out the names of Our Fallen (google "TransGender Day of Remembrance" for a big list of Our Gender Martyrs and Trans Saints) and each name respond in unison "PRESENTE"
[3] Coffins representing Our Fallen
[4] Sidewalk Fabulous Drag Show - lets show TERF we are more fabulous

At MichFest, effigy of stereotypical Trans Woman was created each year, and the effigy is crucified upside down at night before the end of the Fest, so TERF and TERF-trainees (all MichFest attendees are subject to mandatory "workshops" on how evil Trans Women are and how to eliminate their human rights, it's called Consciousness Raising) would throw rocks and soaked menstral pads/tampons at the effigy until the effigy is half destroyed and smeared with TERF blood, and then the effigy is burned as TERF celebrate another successful MichFest.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxtranspride.com

Not an exaggeration, not a satire 13.Apr.2015 16:59

Concerned Citizen

When the original poster writes TERFs are terrorists, they are most likely not exaggerating. There's no "Poe's Law" here.

Recently, TransAdvocate published an article linking TERF movement to eco-terrorists known as Deep Green Resistance. Its leader, Lierre Keith, who is also a very well known TERF who seeks to exterminate all trans people, advocates for an end to civilization and end to agriculture. DGR is openly promoting not just a kind of minor terrorist attack, but nothing short of an outright genocide in which "millions" would die.

Membership of DGR overlaps with other known eco-terrorist organizations as well as eco-terrorist influenced lone wolves, such as ALF and ELF. DGR however is unique because its coopting of feminist language and movement. When DGR leaders such as Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivy make their presence known at Michfest and Michfest-related events such as this week's Portland fundraiser, they are using Michfest as recruitment and indoctrination center for future terrorist attack. This is similar to how Wahhabi Islamists use local mosques, college Islamic student clubs and Islamic centers to recruit jihadis.

Those who might attend the said event and/or Michfest ought to be aware of its connection to terrorists and how their money might be financing terrorist activities.

TERFs demonstrate their hypocrisy as they are eager to accuse trans women of "male violence" when their own friends at DGR are plotting a level of violence unimagined even by the likes of Osama bin Laden.

MWMF and Dianic Wicca "Religion of Peace"! 13.Apr.2015 17:14


Don't let them "festies" deceive you into thinking they are non-violent. Mobs of Michigan Womyn's Music Festival attendees violently assaulted trans womyn including a youth.

But of course vagina and XX chromosomes make every WBW non-violent, and because trans womyn have penis and XY chromosomes they are violent rapists, right? /satire



yawn 10.Apr.2015 23:17


hi, we're getting bored with your nonsense.

why don't you let real women have their own party, it's just meant to be a fun event. you don't need to be an asshole every time women try to have their own space.

I think you mean Norma Ballhorn 11.Apr.2015 04:05

Cathy Brennan bugbrennan@icloud.com

Here is the link to the blog post on Norrma Ballhorn:  http://genderidentitywatch.com/2013/12/09/norma-ballhorn-v-legends-food-fun-usa/. It is wholly factual.

libel 11.Apr.2015 07:30


What is LIBEL?

Defamatory statement published through any manner or media. If intended to simply bring contempt, disrespect, hatred, or ridicule to a person or entity it is likely a civil breach of law. However, if it causes mayhem or breach of peace, it can be a criminal breach of law. Yet, again, if the statement is newsworthy, even if defamatory, proof of benefit to the public is required to avoid criminal complaint.

-- Law Dictionary: What is LIBEL? definition of LIBEL (Black's Law Dictionary)

Mr. Jorey Lee Brewis' criminal history is in public record, and more importantly, in respectable news media outlets. His publicity, good or bad, is mostly a product of his own actions to bring a legal challenge to the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) via pro se lawsuit. There is nothing secret about his past, which he himself publicly reveals as part of his activism. As recently as last year (2014) Mr. Brewis's legal name remained Jorey Lee Brewis, as the records from the Multnomah County Jail roster states (he was arrested for parole violation, no specifics are given).

There is nothing libelous about stating that
1. Jorey Lee Brewis is a man.
2. Jorey Lee Brewis is a convicted violent criminal (armed robbery).
3. Jorey Lee Brewis' true legal name is Jorey Lee Brewis.
4. and that he has criminal records.

All of the above are easily verifiable via public records and quick search on Oregon newspapers such as The Oregonian and the Statesman Journal.

This man is the leader and role model for what passes for "Trans* activism" today in Portland. It is no coincidence that the first "positive" media portrayal of "Trans*" in popular television is the role of a convicted prison inmate played by "Laverne" Cox. Trans* community glorifies martyrdom and criminals.

SSPX!? 11.Apr.2015 07:44


Where did PATSAT get an idea that radical feminists are anti-Vatican II, sedevacantist nuns from the Society of St. Pius X?

Here's SSPX  http://www.sspx.org

This is basically Catholic equivalent of fundamentalists who actually think all popes after Pius X (d. 1914) are "fake," including Francis, Benedict XV, and John Paul II.

SSPX is no friend of feminism. It's quite strange to see some trans activists keep spreading a rumor that radical feminists are Catholics, perhaps in attempting to establish a message that "no real feminists can be trans-exclusionary." Sorry to break it to you, but male-bodied persons have no business telling women how to do feminism or what to believe.

Opus Dei and SSPX 11.Apr.2015 09:56


Are any TERFs members of Opus Dei? I have my suspicions!

Nonsense 11.Apr.2015 10:02


This might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever read about Michfest. It would be funny if the poster were not (apparently) serious. Nothing like the craziness described has ever happened at Michfest. The stuff about radical feminists actually being pre Vatican II nuns and the fear-mongering around Dianics is also complete nonsense.

WTF? 11.Apr.2015 12:03


Is this a parody or are you just trying to make Trans Activists look crazy?

Hilarious! If only it weren't meant to be serious. 11.Apr.2015 14:32

Dildo loving lesbian

Guess what!? The women of Michfest don't mind dildos at all lol. We even sell them there. Pretty ones in every color. Some women even were them around while they go about their business. And we love dress up, drag, costumes and what not and absolutely love a good parade. So you'll have to come up with something better if you want to sufficiently terrorize us lmfao. Oh, and we don't hate trans people. We just value separate space for one week a year. Go find something worthwhile to put your energy into. Fucking males and their sense of entitlement and affinity for violence and intrusion....

False! 11.Apr.2015 14:33

Lex Luthor

Where did you get this silly information? TERFS are all members in good standing of the Legion of Doom. Their message would have been spread far and wide if it weren't for those meddling Super Friends. But they have recently teamed up with Shrek and Rainbow Bright and things are about to change!

Seriously 11.Apr.2015 19:14


Mich is "the only " place in american where womyn born womyn get together in community and festivities.
Please fight the right fight... This is such a waste of energy and resources on your part unless you just like drama and to fight!

Really?!!? 12.Apr.2015 03:02

Concerned woman

The things you are saying about Michigan Womyn's Music Festival are totally fabricated. Have you every even attended a festival? No one burns an effigy of anything. It is not Burning Man. No one is required to go to any workshops nor required to believe in anything. You really have no clue what it's all about. Stop spreading lies and hate. Get a life and move on. I don't hate transgender women nor transgender men and nor do most women who attend Fest that I've spoken to about it. It's not a big issue there. It's only an issue on the internet because of ignorant people whom have never been who make assumptions based on false data. It's too bad we have to keep fighting within our own community instead of concentrating on other issues, like the right wing conservatives who are systematically taking away everyone's rights. Why not focus on that for a change? And all the suicides of ou LGBT Youth? We have better things to do with our time.

Research On TERFs Turns Up High Strangeness! 12.Apr.2015 11:07


The very idea of a Womyn's Music Festival is rather odd. Suppose some folks got together and held a Men's Music Festival (no womyn allowed)? Would that be seen as somehow progressive? (I don't think so.)

To some degree I am a men's rights advocate. Non-wealthy women are generally more downtrodden than non-wealthy men, but not by as much as a lot of people suppose. For example, gay men are far more likely to be abused than are lesbian women. Concerns about patriarchy are mostly for affluent and academic women since poor folks must constantly cope with more disturbing issues. There would be no so-called patriarchy if the 0.01% wanted it gone, and it has absolutely no effect on their ultra-priviledged lives whatsoever. And it's obviously in their interest to keep men and women in conflict as a part of their overall divide-and- conquer strategy.

It seems obvious to me that the existence of trannies represents no problem at all to anyone. It seems a bit strange to my mind, and I try to keep doctors away from me, but it troubles me not at all.

These TERFs (anti-trannie sort-of feminists) are something else. They Have a cult-like propensity for coining synonymous neologisms. They are incredibly aggressive toward the trannies and their supporters. Here are some examples:

The Transadvocate -- December 8, 2014 -- Gender Critical Feminism, the roots of Radical Feminism and Trans oppression
 link to www.transadvocate.com

Gender Critical Feminism (GCF) is a euphemism for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF). There is no ideological difference between the TERF and "Gender Critical Feminist" (GCF) movement; they are one in the same. GCF teaches that because sex is a natural binary, intersex people are actually just deformed men and women and trans people are always the sex they were assigned at birth.


TheHuffingtonPost.com -- 08/02/2014 -- Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism: What Exactly Is It, And Why Does It Hurt?
 link to www.huffingtonpost.com

When speaking out against the TERF movement, one is at risk of being "outed" on social media. In one instance, the group Gender Identity Watch worked with the right-wing anti-gay group, Pacific Justice Institute, to help prevent a Colorado teen from being able to use the women's restroom. The leader, Cathy Brennan, outed the teen, who was already being bullied, and she was subsequently put on suicide watch. Their actions often incite others to denigrate or discriminate a minority -- which is the definition of a hate group.


AFEM2014 -- Conference in London on October 19th 2014

The 'introduction to anarchafeminism' meeting

One of the facilitators was a woman called Gail Chester, who is also involved in the Feminist Library and Black Flag. During her introductory talk, she called for there to be a 'woman-only space', by which she meant a space for cis women only. This was against what Gail had told her co-facilitator in advance she would do.

The safer spaces volunteer in the session was prepared to deal with problematic participants. However, they were knocked off-kilter when it was the facilitator that was using trans-exclusionary language. They wanted to shut the discussion down and ask the Gail and the other transphobes to leave, but they felt intimidated and unable to challenge Gail directly, because they'd had run-ins with Gail before.

Instead, they tried to challenge the bigoted views when the session got going, and along with other session participants were vocally supportive of an inclusive feminist movement. The session's other facilitator tried to silence one of the people that had expressed transphobic views, and for that they ludicrously accused her of being "hierarchical"; the transphobic person, needless to say, kept speaking out of turn.


The Transadvocate -- August 16, 2014 -- TERF hate and Sandy Stone

Sandy Stone was a problem that Janice Raymond, author of The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male, decided to take care of. Raymond felt that Stone — an out trans woman who was part of the radical feminist lesbian separatist music collective, Olivia Records — didn't belong. Raymond engineered a smear campaign that nearly destroyed the Collective and put Stone's life in jeopardy, culminating in armed TERFs asserting their intention to murder Stone.

Here's where it gets weird:

Deep Green Resistance -- September 24, 2014 -- Cathy Brennan interviewed on radical feminism and "transphobia"

Brennan speaks with clarity on the history of gay, lesbian, and queer culture; ongoing homophobia and male violence; why the interests of lesbians don't always align with the goals of others in the GLBTQ movement, which she says has become a men's-rights movement; and why women need women-only space to meet and organize.

The interview is an excellent antidote to the smears across the internet about Cathy Brennan and her supposed "hate speech" or "transphobia." Brennan's long-time experience with queer culture and human rights activism, and her resultant wisdom, is a breath of fresh air if you've ever wallowed through the trans hostility online.

So -- TERF/GCF has joined forces with Deep Green Resistance (DGR). And what does DGR want to "accomplish"? Check it out:

Deep Green Resistance -- 2015 -- Decisive Ecological Warfare -- Phase III - Systems Disruption
 link to deepgreenresistance.org

Systems disruption is aimed at identifying key points and bottlenecks in the adversary's systems (electrical, transport, financial, and so on) and engaging them to collapse those systems or reduce their functionality. This is not a one-shot deal. Industrial systems are big and can be fragile, but they are sprawling rather than monolithic. Repairs are attempted. The resistance members understand that. Effective systems disruption requires planning for continued and coordinated actions over time.

In this scenario, the aboveground doesn't truly gain traction as long as there is business-as-usual. On the other hand, as global industrial and economic systems are increasingly disrupted (because of capitalist-induced economic collapse, global climate disasters, peak oil, peak soil, peak water, or for other reasons) support for resilient local communities increases. Failures in the delivery of electricity and manufactured goods increases interest in local food, energy, and the like. These disruptions also make it easier for people to cope with full collapse in the long term—short-term loss, long term gain, even where humans are concerned.

They advocate destroying the productional and service infrastructure that provides our food, shelter, and transportation.

How do they get away with this? Who provides the funding for all these insane movements?

a transwoman responds to the threats 13.Apr.2015 14:14


First, regarding this statement: "You are either with us, or with the TERF. Those who do not stand in solidarity with us are enemies of all Trans* people of the world, and they will be exposed and named. Especially those TruScums and "Gender Critical Trans*" must watch out because we will deal with traitors and fifth-columns among our ranks severely." --I don't "stand in solidarity" with this rally, because it is obviously the brainchild of a transwoman who has not yet abandoned male supremacy.

I am a publicly known transwoman, and again I say, I will not stand with this nonsense--confronting women with dildoes, smearing Wicca as if it were not a legitimate religion, et cetera. What does it mean, that I will be "dealt with severely?" What a puerile threat.

Secondly, the TERF movement is indeed vicious, but there are far more effective ways of dealing with them. I prefer to build allies, and to spread knowledge. How many know of the study that showed that transwomen have female-configured brains:

Serious feminists stand with transwomen. Serious transwomen do not threaten other women with dildoes.

Are TERF leaders from Indiana 13.Apr.2015 17:51


Terf leaders are backwards with their thoughts. They seem to running for office in Indiana. Hoser's and square wheel bike riders is whom the ally with.

Check stats 14.Apr.2015 12:51


Blues wrote "It seems obvious to me that the existence of trannies represents no problem at all to anyone."

Check out the statistics on how many transexual people have been murdered this year. Way higher than one would expect from their percentage of the whole population. They represent a problem to some people, particularly police.

murder rate 14.Apr.2015 14:38


Actually, men murder other men at a much higher rate than they murder M2Ts. So trans have a lower murder rate. Sorry to piss on your pity parade.

"Statistics On How Many Transexual People Have Been Murdered This Year" 14.Apr.2015 14:45


These (actually real?) statistics say these people are getting murdered too much -- so they must be a "problem"? So if someone murders you, you must have been doing something very wrong to present the overworked police with a "problem"? There's a tiny speck of trivial logic and zero common sense here.

Sometimes I wonder if you are even as smart as that other one.

blues 15.Apr.2015 08:36


"Concerns about patriarchy are mostly for affluent and academic women since poor folks must constantly cope with more disturbing issues."

This is nonsensical, blues. YOU deal with the effects of what are recognized as patriarchal ideas each day, bitch about its outcomes, yet don't recognize that you don't fight it each and every day? Think about our 'hero culture'. Think about how your life and ego is fashioned in its name, just as the bible says with ludicrous assumptions that 'god' is somehow male and that women are somehow responsible for his 'downfall' from Paradise. Think about how all that surrounds you is steeped in those ideas that even if you philosophically differ most of your time is spent in a culture that has actively sought to supress and have, in a prime example of natural selection, dominate the genes and genius of its female population and its source of progeny.

Hey, look, this is no relection upon you personally, and I think you realize that the majority of those 'poor folks' are women and their children. I just find it disturbing that you might think the subject of patriarchy in the current cultural definition is a subject for only "affluent and academic women".

I am male, but I'm greatly concerned with that aspect of our cultural heritage.

OK Then: Mostly For Affluent And Academic Women And Men 15.Apr.2015 15:07


It so happens that there is a real depression on. I read that in Japan young people are largely uninterested in sex, or even going out of the house, because they are poor and hopeless. And this is gradually becoming reality for maybe 50% of young Americans now. Gender relationships are more and more becoming girls working at minimum wage and their boyfriends working in prisons for failure to pay support. I guarantee you that fancy theories about patriarchy are of about zero relevance to these folks.

I see these fancy theories as intellectual toys that function largely as status symbols. Yes we are all surrounded by patriarchic ideas, but we also are generally surrounded by whatever other intellectual rubbish that has been dumped into our heads by our parents, friends, teachers, etc. This is an age of rampant masked ignorance. Cynical I may be, but I think most folk's political ideas were simply planted in their heads by con artists or patsies.

I say I'm an equalist (not an "egalitarian"), and think people should be treated as equally as possible. This pretty much obviates the need for fancy intellectual toys.

Pathetic 19.Apr.2015 06:47


Nothing happened last night. The event went off as planned! You are all fucking pathetic.

Ha! 30.Apr.2015 17:57


It's not a "you are all" That's pathetic. It's just one person. Ranting over and over, making up his own little term of derision, expecting it to catch on, pretending to be part of a whole group. Haven't you seen these ridiculous posts before? Silly and disturbed.