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Shut Down The TERF Rally Next Week!

Portland's most militant Trans* and GenderQueer Liberation group, PATSAT, in solidarity also with PDX Trans* Pride organization, protests and pledges an end to upcoming TERF anti-Trans*feminine, anti-CAMAB, cis "rights" rally sponsored by Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, a known anti-Trans* defamation and hate group.
Attention all CAMAB Trans*feminine and GenderQueer folks, CAFAB allies, and Cis Male allies!

Next Saturday, April 18 is the Day of Reckoning for TERF/SWERF group Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Portland Chapter. Michfest Portland is bringing in TERF Heavy-Weights such as Lierre Keith, Rachel Ivey, Samantha Berg along with live entertainment in order to finance Michfest, the annual anti-Trans* rally and indoctrination camp. Their political and economic influences are so powerful that Michfest literally has succeeded in lobbying Michigan legislators to resist any state bills that seek to end discrimination against gender identity and sexual orientation (TERF/SWERF claim to be feminist lesbians, but many of them are pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic nuns in disguise, secretly affiliated with the Society of St. Pius X, if they are not members of the Dianic Wicca sect which believes in lesbian sex and nudist rituals as integral parts of their "religion"). Their blackmailing has also succeeded in forcing Equality Michigan and National Center for (Real) Lesbian Rights to retract their opposition to Michfest.

Regardless, we are in Oregon and we fight back.

All Trans* and GenderQueer folks must stand in Unity, Solidarity, and Single-Minded Loyalty to defeat Michfest in Our fabulous Portland, the historical Trans* capital of the world. All our allies are also welcome in joining this Struggle of the Century.

Michfest is TERF, and TERF has recently doxxed the leader of Portland Trans* Pride, Rebekah Katherine Brewis, publicly outed her, harassed her, and libeled her in their hate speech websites. The same TERF group also doxxed and defamed Trans* activist and community organizer Norma Bullhorn, who is now a martyr to the cause of gender liberation.

Saturday, April 18 will be the day to remember for all TERF and SWERF in Oregon as our direct action will stop their evil terrorist "fundraiser" from even happening. You are either with us, or with the TERF. Those who do not stand in solidarity with us are enemies of all Trans* people of the world, and they will be exposed and named. Especially those TruScums and "Gender Critical Trans*" must watch out because we will deal with traitors and fifth-columns among our ranks severely.

This is a Diversity of Tactics action. We encourage everyone to form their own autonomous affinity group and respect other groups' autonomy.

March starts: Holladay Park, NE Multnomah & NE 11th, 6:30 PM
Rally in front of TERF-Owned Cotton Cloud Futon (701 NE Broadway) from 7:00 PM until all TERF and TERF-sympathizers give up on their hate rally and leave (as long as it takes).

Here are suggestions (thanks GenderAngel):

[1] BRING DILDOES and STRAP-ONS , hundreds of 'em - TERF hate Penis. Lets welcum TERF with massive show of Phallic salutes
[2] Read out the names of Our Fallen (google "TransGender Day of Remembrance" for a big list of Our Gender Martyrs and Trans Saints) and each name respond in unison "PRESENTE"
[3] Coffins representing Our Fallen
[4] Sidewalk Fabulous Drag Show - lets show TERF we are more fabulous

At MichFest, effigy of stereotypical Trans Woman was created each year, and the effigy is crucified upside down at night before the end of the Fest, so TERF and TERF-trainees (all MichFest attendees are subject to mandatory "workshops" on how evil Trans Women are and how to eliminate their human rights, it's called Consciousness Raising) would throw rocks and soaked menstral pads/tampons at the effigy until the effigy is half destroyed and smeared with TERF blood, and then the effigy is burned as TERF celebrate another successful MichFest.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxtranspride.com

Not an exaggeration, not a satire 13.Apr.2015 16:59

Concerned Citizen

When the original poster writes TERFs are terrorists, they are most likely not exaggerating. There's no "Poe's Law" here.

Recently, TransAdvocate published an article linking TERF movement to eco-terrorists known as Deep Green Resistance. Its leader, Lierre Keith, who is also a very well known TERF who seeks to exterminate all trans people, advocates for an end to civilization and end to agriculture. DGR is openly promoting not just a kind of minor terrorist attack, but nothing short of an outright genocide in which "millions" would die.

Membership of DGR overlaps with other known eco-terrorist organizations as well as eco-terrorist influenced lone wolves, such as ALF and ELF. DGR however is unique because its coopting of feminist language and movement. When DGR leaders such as Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivy make their presence known at Michfest and Michfest-related events such as this week's Portland fundraiser, they are using Michfest as recruitment and indoctrination center for future terrorist attack. This is similar to how Wahhabi Islamists use local mosques, college Islamic student clubs and Islamic centers to recruit jihadis.

Those who might attend the said event and/or Michfest ought to be aware of its connection to terrorists and how their money might be financing terrorist activities.

TERFs demonstrate their hypocrisy as they are eager to accuse trans women of "male violence" when their own friends at DGR are plotting a level of violence unimagined even by the likes of Osama bin Laden.

MWMF and Dianic Wicca "Religion of Peace"! 13.Apr.2015 17:14


Don't let them "festies" deceive you into thinking they are non-violent. Mobs of Michigan Womyn's Music Festival attendees violently assaulted trans womyn including a youth.

But of course vagina and XX chromosomes make every WBW non-violent, and because trans womyn have penis and XY chromosomes they are violent rapists, right? /satire