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How To Write in Blood

Writing anti-American rants while under massive attack by the ATF is a true art
an "A" in penmanship
dot those
dot those "i"s
posed photo with Tsamaev double
posed photo with Tsamaev double
no throat wound -   hardly any blood - posed\\\?
no throat wound - hardly any blood - posed\\\?
As hundreds of 9mm bullets ricochet and penetrate the fiberglass boat that the so-called "Boston Bomber" crouches in, he writes a long diatribe in "his own blood" on the wall of the craft. Is the note a nasty scrawl revealing a highly agitated person under fire from a battalion of cops and ATF agents? Hell no. It's written in a calm and cool and totally legible hand. He dotted EVERY SINGLE "I" and crossed every "T". The dripping lines of "bloodstains" are obviously a real blood color, but comes no where near the color of whatever the note was written with. Looks like magic marker, not dripping blood. Not by a long shot. The two "bloods" do not match. And the writing itself is sooooo smooth and cool. Those bullet holes seem conveniently placed too. Check the photo of the "surrender". No blood on his throat at all. He's certainly not gagging from a throat wound like they claim he received. And a close look reveals the distinct possibility this isn't even the actual suspect. Doesn't really look like him. It SORT OF resembles him but seems older and taller. It's all a setup and a continuation of the 911 false-flag vortex America has been thrown into. The Kangaroo Trial of the century retches on.

point 08.Apr.2015 14:20


I think you missed the point

I already told you... 08.Apr.2015 14:39


Anyone who believes the official story is a fool. It's another obvious zionist false flag. Here's a template for rAt and all you other local heroes to use in the future, so you can save time and effort:

_(______)__ is a false flag, zionist conspiracy. Netanyahu directed it. Chomsky and the rest of the CIA supported it. All wars in the world are zionist wars. "History" itself is a zionist dictated false flag and should rightfully be called "zionistory".

You're welcome.

puzzled 08.Apr.2015 15:27


So bizzare. Besides the usual stuff you claim that the photo (a bad jpg from a video screenshot of a photo) proves he has no neck wound. Are you serious? Two thirds of his neck is in shadow.

Then you say that the picture doesn't look like him. Have you heard of lighting? Have you heard of camera angle, and can you pay attention to the fact that the head is down in one picture, and up in another? Oh, and hair all over the place in one pic and inside a cap in the other. They look different? No shit.

I'd have to expend a lot of time and energy online to see if the "written in blood" comments from a while ago were references to the blood stains in the boat, or literal. In any case, it's hard to take you seriously when you base such enormous paranoid claims on such nonsense as just comparing two photos.

I got the point 08.Apr.2015 15:27


no such thing as terrorists, its all CIA False flag ops..

Got it.

Putin probably put these two up to it with threats to kill their entire family if they refused. Prison in the US is a vacation compared to regular life in Putin's russia.

Somehow 08.Apr.2015 18:44


Somehow the Kennedy Assassination is connected, no doubt. And 9/11. Maybe the Bush Administration, with the CIA, went back in time, got Kennedy out of Dallas, brought him to the Boston Marathon, and then after blowing up those bombs there, shot Kennedy in that boat. Having also brought back the soul of Lee Harvey Oswald, they placed it in Tsarnaev, carted Kennedy back to 1963 and left Tsarnaev/Oswald to deal with it all. Thank God rAT is here to expose them.

Take a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole Assholes! 08.Apr.2015 21:52

Tracy Mapes

You'll never come back. (Not at Original Poster).

Believe Your Government doesn't lie to You? Think Again.




I saw the Attackers that were taken into Custody the same night on the Nightly News Western Edition milling in the Crowd duriing a live Report with Brian Williams.

You Believe Your Government is Corrupt, and immediatly run to their defense. What Assholes.

blood 08.Apr.2015 22:44


And if that "letter" looks like it's in BLOOD to you, you need to see an eye doctor immediately. Or a psychiatrist. 100 years from now the history books will brand Bush and Cheney the greatest traitors and mass murderers of innocent Americans in all of history. 911 will be seen as the inside job and false flag that it was and the Western Crusades on Islam will be remembered the same way that Hitler is remembered today by Europe and Russia. The recent show trials and fake terrorist propaganda that mimic Russia and China at their communist worst have turned the "Land of the Free" into a raving farce as far as true justice is concerned. 911 Oklahoma City Boston They have to keep up the illusion of constant terrorist threat and the best way is to slaughter innocents and blame "terrorists". They want us to think that the world hates the USA and that we must stand alone against everyone else because everyone but us is a threat to "our way of life" (pollution, crime, drugs, dumb phones, sicko porno, war, killer cops and eleven year old meth heads). This site used to have real dialogue tren years ago but they have dumbed down student types soooo much in the last decade that all you get here are mostly ignorant knee-jerk reactions from people with very limited verbal and writing skills and little or no individual thinking ability. Sort of like Rand Paul plagiarizing everything from Wikipedia of all places. People like Garth are only good at cynicism. They think they're funny and even sarcastic but you have to have some grace and humor to even be that. There's certainly little of that. They're pretty much in the "neener" category of blogster. They probably even stick their tongues out when people's backs are turned. For the truly brainwashed, the very idea that our own leaders would murder 1000's of us at once for political gain and glory is truly unthinkable. But an even superficial perusal of repulsive government deeds are proof positive that evil has been, is, and will always be afoot in our hallowed halls of "freedom". America's leaders can be vicious, vindictive, secretive, power-mad, deadly and murderous in their quests for fame and fortune in history's richest and strongest nation. We are the modern Rome in all it's staggering decrepitude, hypocrisy and bloodlust. The bastards figured it all out. Fill CNN with pretty women who soft-sell you lies and propaganda. Elect soft-spoken Obama types who sell you a peace that is really endless war in gentle tones worthy of an adult diaper ad. Yes- future history may very well lament the imminent failure of the United States, where laws, respect, "justice" and opportunity can all be bought for the right price. The Garths of the world are proof positive that independent thinking and common sense observation are direct threats to the forces that threaten to destroy everything the USA once stood for. "Conspiracy Theory!" is the pathetic cry of the hopeless mental midgets that enjoy America's slide into police state fascism (makes them feel safe until the midnight knock is at their own front door). Those "bombers" were used by the Feds to "infiltrate on campus groups that could pose a terrorist threat". But they were the ones who would be the focus instead, and finally set up like bowling pins as the ATF and God knows who else pulled off yet another OKC. Go figure. So stay stupid my little Garths and die dumb.

RE: Garth 08.Apr.2015 23:37


"Where DO they come from?"

I've noticed that "Garth" has maintained his presence on PDX IMC for several years (at least),

through the coming-and-going of several other troll-personalities here; e.g. our latest wunderkind 'i'.

"Garth"'s primary tactic and-or deployment regime appears to be 1) infrequent/random appearance, coupled with 2) chime in on what the "main" assigned troll for a designated thread has already disinformationally inserted into a discussion.

So, he will (most of the time anyway) not typically be the first/primary "troll" comment to appear, but rather only later after a 'line of attack' has been established.

Also to make it seem (to an unassuming user-reader) as though: "oh look, see, someone else here is not in agreement too"....

Occasionally he will call out the other 'primary'/first-comment troll by name, but not always. Most of the time he merely assents by posting a comment which generally or completely 'agrees' with the first-troll's "line of attack".

More of a 'buddy-buddy' / 'fist bump' troll (for the other 'primary' trolls, so they don't get lonely).

He had another companion, who also spelled his username with a 1st capital letter... I've forgotten that guy at the moment, although he hasn't appeared here for some time iirc; while "Garth" continues to do so / hasn't thrown in the towel.

Do You Believe In The Conspiracy, Or Not? 09.Apr.2015 02:38


Do you believe that president John F. Kennedy was killed by 19 gay Muslims with box cutters? And that Lee Harvey Oswald somehow escaped from the Secret Service, and went on decades later to evade the United States Air Force and destroy New York City? Of course you should, because that is the Official Story that was announced by The Conspiracy. Who are you to question them?

uh ... rAT 09.Apr.2015 16:45

get real

Read before you rant.

Your initial post questions if the note on the inside of the boat is written in blood. Then you question the likenesses as being not the same therefore it's all a vast conspiracy and false flag.

No one here has said the note was literally "written in blood". Where is this so? Everyone sees the blood dripping down on top of the nice neat writing. Where is the literal quote from anyone that the text was written in blood, not by a sharpie or other writing tool?

Then in your last post you accuse those who are not signing on to your rant of actually saying that it does look like blood, that we need to get our eyes checked. Then you finish by insulting intelligence and making unrelated claims about other conspiracies that have nothing to do with this specific detail ... written in blood?

Calm down. If you have meds, take them.

blood 19.Apr.2015 16:58


Everyone from CNN to FOX to MSNBC to the ATF and FBI said the note was "written in his own blood".

rAT ... get out more 23.Apr.2015 22:31


From an AP story linked via a Fox News website (can't believe I went there)


BOSTON - A note written by Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as he hid inside a boat contained themes of global jihad similar to those found in extremist materials on his computer, a terrorism expert testified Monday at his federal death penalty trial.

In the note, scrawled in pencil and carved in wood on the inside walls of the boat, Tsarnaev condemned U.S. actions in Muslim countries and asked Allah to make him a "shaheed," a martyr, said Matthew Levitt, a terrorism expert at The Washington Institute, a think tank that focuses on U.S. policy in the Middle East.


Note the part that says "scrawled in pencil and carved in wood"

Like shooting fish in a barrel, took me what, two minutes to find major media report that DOES NOT say "written in blood"

idiot 27.Apr.2015 10:41


L@@k at the pictures- does that "letter" look like it was carved in WOOD? It's obviously a piece of paper. They changed the story so many times even trolls like you started to believe it all.

idot rAT 27.Apr.2015 18:59


Tell you what rAT. You get me the entire boat. I'll look through the entire boat rather than a few selected fuzzy pictures. If there are no places on the boat where there is something carved into the wood I'll apologize to you.

You keep hanging onto threads of credibility, just because you can't stand the idea that you were fooled into thinking that we were actually talking about "written in blood". I've disproven that anyone seriously was talking about writing in blood. Your original post was that clearly the entire thing is a lie and a fake cause the notes weren't written in blood. No kidding, they weren't.