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the children of gaza

Morning classes were getting out, afternoon class children were on the streets going to school when the idf attacked with bombs and artillery killing hundreds and wounding more.
Photos of these children dead or wounded ripped at my soul. Photos of the celebrating soldiers of the idf in contrast make clear the criminality and brutality of their attack, and indifference to the suffering they inflict. There is much on my Facebook page. Richard plank (Frankenstein) face. there is a link to 601 photos gathered by someone. Included here are a few. Your sharing of an any of this is welcome. Thankyou for any consideration. Rplank

the children of israel 08.Apr.2015 15:26


blown up by a person from gaza on a bus. Photos of these children dead or wounded ripped at my soul.

dead 10.Apr.2015 09:13


The ICC should be interesting. This last round of fighting in Gaza saw some Israeli mistakes and tragic loss of civilian lives, and some innovation like telephoning residences to warn of impending air strikes, non explosive "knock on the door" prelim shots and the like. So long as the IDF does credible internal review of operation decisions, Israel should survive this process without any serious problems.

Having Palestine join the ICC means that the intentional targeting of Ben Gurion airport now has multiple lawsuits against the Palestinians pending. The residents of Sderot will no doubt bring to the ICC evidence of war crimes over the last several years.

The sad problem is that the conflict continues due to lack of political reconciliation in Palestine. And while the PA will join the ICC, they will be held responsible for the crimes by Hamas who don't accept the PA's authority. A rotten deal for the PA and for Fatah.

Joining the ICC before finishing reconciliation with Hamas and before finishing a peace treaty with Israel I fear will backfire on the PA.