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BREAKING: WikiLeaks Leaks TPP Draft!!!

An ambitious 12-nation trade accord pushed by President Obama would allow foreign corporations to sue the United States government for actions that undermine their investment "expectations" and hurts their business, according to a classified document. The Trans-Pacific Partnership a cornerstone of Mr. Obama's remaining economic agenda would grant broad powers to multinational companies operating in North America, South America and Asia.
 link to www.dailykos.com

Foreign corporations have used these claims to attack tobacco, climate, financial, mining, medicine, energy, pollution, water, labor, toxins, development and other non-trade domestic policies. Under U.S. "free trade" agreements (FTAs) alone, foreign firms have already pocketed more than $440 million in taxpayer money via investor-state cases. This includes cases against natural resource policies, environmental protections, health and safety measures and more. ISDS tribunals have ordered more than $3.6 billion in compensation to investors under all U.S. FTAs and Bilateral Investment Treaties
(BITs). More than $38 billion remains in pending ISDS claims under these pacts, nearly
all of which relate to environmental, energy, financial regulation, public health, land use and transportation policies. Even when governments win cases, they are often ordered to pay for a share of the tribunal's costs. Given that the costs just for defending a challenged policy in an ISDS case total $8 million on average, the mere filing of a case can create a chilling effect on government policymaking, even if the government expects to win. [emphasis added]

More at www.citizen.org and www.rosalux.de

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Let Trans-National Corporations Sue Away Our Social Security 31.Mar.2015 10:52


We can always dumpster dive while the trans-national oligarchs dine on caviar. Here is the original article:

Working Life -- 25 March 2015

More details:

Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch -- March 25, 2015 (PDF)

The dear old "Constitution" has been raped and killed. R.I.P.

Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret 02.Apr.2015 06:50

Dave Johnson

 link to ourfuture.org

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown released the following statement:

"It appears that the investor state provision being considered as part of TPP will still amount to a corporate handout at the expense of consumers despite the assurances of our negotiators. We need strong language to prevent multinational corporations - like Big Tobacco - from using trade agreements to challenge health and safety laws.

"It's telling when Members of Congress and their staff have an easier time accessing national security documents than proposed trade deals, but if I were negotiating this deal I suppose I wouldn't want people to see it either. Trade agreements should lift American workers and their counterparts abroad, rather than creating a race to the bottom."

From the Wikileaks statement:

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks editor said: "The TPP has developed in secret an unaccountable supranational court for multinationals to sue states. This system is a challenge to parliamentary and judicial sovereignty. Similar tribunals have already been shown to chill the adoption of sane environmental protection, public health and public transport policies."

Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch has this Analysis of Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership Investment Text

"The leaked text provides stark warnings about the dangers of 'trade' negotiations occurring without press, public or policymaker oversight. It reveals that TPP negotiators already have agreed to many radical terms that would give foreign investors expansive new substantive and procedural rights and privileges not available to domestic firms under domestic law."

Call! 02.Apr.2015 13:07

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Bombard DC with calls to congress about NO fast track & NO TPP. Free call to Capitol switchboard, 24/7. Ask operator for whoever (Cantwell, Murray, Merkley, Wyden). Call often.


Number provided by The Episcopal Church.

"Writing the Rules for 21st Century Trade" 03.Apr.2015 13:26

Barack Obama

My top priority as President is making sure more hardworking Americans have a chance to get ahead. That's why we have to make sure the United States -- and not countries like China -- is the one writing this century's rules for the world's economy.

Trade has an important role to play in supporting good-paying, middle-class jobs in the United States. Unfortunately, past trade deals haven't always lived up to the hype. That's why I've made it clear that I won't sign any agreement that doesn't put American workers first.

But we also should recognize that 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders. Exports support more than 11 million jobs -- and exporters tend to pay their workers higher wages. Failing to seize new opportunities would be devastating not just for our businesses, but for our workers too.

That's why my Administration is currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- so we can benefit from trade that is not just free, but also fair.

Watch this video my team put together, and then share it with anyone who needs to know exactly what's at stake.

Watch on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09Gij5hKrxg

We have the chance to open up more markets to goods and services backed by three proud words: Made in America. For the sake of our businesses, and American workers, it's an opportunity we need to take.

But beyond greater access to the world's fastest-growing region, the agreement will establish enforceable commitments to protect labor, environmental, and other crucial standards that Americans hold dear.

Right now, China wants to write the rules for commerce in Asia. If it succeeds, our competitors would be free to ignore basic environmental and labor standards, giving them an unfair advantage over American workers.

We can't let that happen. We should write the rules, and level the playing field for our middle class. The first step is for Congress to pass Trade Promotion Authority.

Watch the video, and then pass it along.

After years of shipping jobs overseas, our manufacturing sector is creating jobs at a pace not seen since the 1990s. Rather than outsourcing, more companies are insourcing and bringing jobs back home. Today, more than half of manufacturing executives have said they're looking at bringing jobs back from China.

Let's give them one more reason to get it done, by giving me the tools I need to grow our economy, boost exports for our businesses, and give more hardworking middle-class families a chance to get ahead.


President Barack Obama