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Video: WikiRebels: New Documentary Tells the WikiLeaks Story, 57 min

Words can break the frozen soul (Kafka). Democracy without transparency is an empty word.
400,000 military documents were revealed. Lack of respect for human rights is like a common thread. The site has revealed more in 3 years than all the broadcasters of the world.
 link to www.openculture.com

Earlier this week, Sweden's public television service, SVT (akin to PBS and the BBC), released a one hour documentary chronicling the history of WikiLeaks, starting with its early leaks of Scientology documents and ending with its recent release of American diplomatic cables. Since July, SVT reporters have followed WikiLeaks, traveling near and far to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and other top members of the whistleblowing organization, some of who have since left the embattled internet site. All in all, a decent introduction to Wikileaks and its controversial mission. Thanks to @eacion for the heads up...

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A Global Security System: An Alternative to War, 78 pp 31.Mar.2015 15:27

David Swanson


World Beyond War has just published a short book titled A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.

This act constitutes an intervention into the debate over whether to create a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force. In fact, this document should help stimulate a debate over whether to continue with the war approach to global conflicts, authorized or not.

It has become routine to acknowledge that "there is no military solution" even while pursuing military actions as preferable to doing nothing. A Global Security System builds a case for alternative actions, both in a moment of crisis, and on the long-term path toward preventing conflict and developing nonviolent means of resolving conflict.

This book describes the "hardware" of creating a peace system, and the "software" the values and concepts necessary to operate a peace system, and the means to spread these globally. This report is based on the work of many experts in international relations and peace studies and on the experience of many activists. A quotation from the first section reads:

"In On Violence, Hannah Arendt wrote that the reason warfare is still with us is not a death wish of our species nor some instinct of aggression, '. . . but the simple fact that no substitute for this final arbiter in international affairs has yet appeared on the political scene.' The Alternative Global Security System we describe here is the substitute. The goal of this document is to gather into one place, in the briefest form possible, everything one needs to know to work toward an end to war by replacing it with an Alternative Global Security System in contrast to the failed system of national security."

The book is available free online at WorldBeyondWar.org, including the Executive Summary and full Table of Contents. Here is the full PDF version. The paperback is available at your local bookstore or any online bookseller. The distributor is Ingram. The ISBN is 978-0983083085. Buy online at Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. The audio book can be purchased here. The eBook editions (978-1495147159) are coming soon.

Comments can be posted under each section of the book on the WorldBeyondWar.org website. Some of the top experts in various fields will be engaging in conversation in these comment sections. Each book section is posted along with graphics, an audio version, and related actions that can be taken. Check it out!


Another link 05.Apr.2015 11:42


Updated link to the wikileaks video on openculture:

 link to www.openculture.com
screenshot openculture wikileaks video
screenshot openculture wikileaks video