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Why not drape giant-sized art or photos of kids, famous, over drone-prone area homes???

This one idea COULD make a difference against WHOLE FAMILIES being murdered along with SUSPECTED (not convicted, no proof needed) terrorists in Yemen, Palestine, etc. Why could it NOT work????
Why is it not possible? Why do you HAVE TO ASSUME that so quickly? Why must this be only "naive"? wHY aren't people coming up with MORE creative ways to protect ENTIRE FAMILIES now being wantonly slaughtered by drone pilots?

Could not artists and others help families in the areas where drones continually terrorize them?

They could either send $ to general-serving groups set up to assist PEOPLE being killed (kids and elderly), where they could MAKE art or photos HUGE enough that drone operators would have to see who they are (and have these PEOPLE get inside their heads even better, forcing them TO THINK about these other people!).

Imagine, LARGE-SIZED PORTRAITS painted on a large fabric that can be draped over people's homes, which shows snooping pilots WHO the kids are, etc.

Or photos. Imagine large-sized photos of smiling heads-of-state, or who else? Obama, how about?

The intention? To get drone pilots to THINK. To get "inside their heads" even more than the bland, vague idea of who they are killing.

What other ways might work?

"Just" another crazy idea???

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