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Al Gore Doomsday Clock now down to less than 310 days!

Al Gore was at the Sundance Film Festival out there in Park City, Utah in 2006 and pronounced the earth only has 10 years left because of Global Warming!
So at that point some wise people decided to create a doomsday clock to remind everybody so Al Gore's prediction could be measured, classified and verified, and most important would be forgotten and the former VP could be held accountable for his statement.

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Mistake 27.Mar.2015 14:27


This movement could learn from the worlds major religions and never put a fixed date on prophets returning, raptures, or anything that would raise doubt among the faithful.

Gore's next move... 27.Mar.2015 15:09

Converse Murdoch

He'll say it would have ended in ten years if people hadn't listened to him. Then he'll take credit for saving the planet.

The planet won't end. 28.Mar.2015 11:12


People may end. Geography and climate may change. But the planet won't end.

anon 28.Mar.2015 18:15


If anything ends it won't be from Man made Global Warming.

i is small headed troll 01.Apr.2015 18:04

Liam Kellen

Professional climate change deniers are well paid by the oil and coal industries, as well documented in the documentary film made in Portland with the somewhat innocent sounding name, "Greedy Lying Bastards".

Some of the same "volunteer groups" that continue to deny cigarettes cause cancer are leading the chorus to plant doubt about man made climate change.

There is no doubt, but fortunes continue to be made by smoke screens of pollution.

Professional climate change deniers 02.Apr.2015 05:05


my head is very average sized.

and I make as much money posting here as you do. However if you know of a job that pays to spread the truth, please let me know. In this economy I could use the extra cash!