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Panel on the San Francisco Retail Workers Bill of Rights 3-25-15 in PDX

Portland Rising invites you to a panel on the San Francisco Retail Workers Bill of Rights - Expanding what is possible to transform our low wage economy.

25 March at 17:30-20:00 in Portland Oregon
San Francisco Jobs with Justice and the San Francisco Labor Council played leading roles in securing this victory. Come hear about the bill of rights and the strategies that made this victory possible with Michelle Lim, Strategic Campaign Organizer with San Francisco Jobs with Justice; Samantha Adame, Co-Director of Young Workers United; Tim Paulson, Executive Director San Francisco Labor Council; and Conny Ford, Vice President for Community Activities, San Francisco Labor Council.

San Francisco's Bill of Rights protects workers by:
- Encouraging worker retention and job security
- Promoting full-time work and access to hours
- Granting equal treatment for part-time workers
- Discouraging abusive on-call scheduling practices
- Encouraging fair, predictable schedules

25 March at 17:30-20:00 in PDT
SEIU Local 49
3536 SE 26th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202

 https://www.facebook.com/events/354845471384187/ (Facebook link)
This event is in Portland Oregon and open to the public