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Deploy Popular Culture to Keep Populous Asleep -- Thomas Nashe

Nashe explains to clueless English government that conservative attack on playhouses is mis-guided. That if idlers don't have "amusements", they will likely band together and rebel against privledged class. See also Horkheimer and Adorno on the conservative role of popular culture.
"That state or kingdom that is in league with all the world, and hath no foreign sword to vex it, is not half so strong or confirmed to endure as that which lives every hour in fear of invasion. There is a certain waste of the people for whom there is no use but war; and these men must have some employment still to cut them off; Nam si foras hostem non habent, domi invenient.1 If they have no service abroad, they will make mutinies at home. Or if the affairs of state be such as cannot exhale all these corrupt excrements, it is very expedient they have some light toys to busy their heads withal, cast before them as bones to gnaw upon, which may keep them from having leisure to intermeddle with higher matters.
To this effect, the policy of plays is very necessary..."

Nashe, Pierce Pennilesse, his Supplication the Divell, 1592