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Video: Explosion in Welches brings cops & fbi to apartment in NE Portland

I was driving by when I noticed a bunch of news cameras and a few cops
So I stopped and asked what was going on
Explosion in Welches brings the press,
cops & fbi to apartment in NE Portland.

[4:30 minute video on youtube]

The FBI has confirmed
one person was killed
Thursday morning after
a large explosion east
of Welches on U.S. 26.

The car found on U.S. 26 was
registered to an address
in the 8500 block of
Northeast Halsey Street
in Portland.

This video was filmed around
6:00 PM on 3/19/15
on the corner of
85th and NE Halsey.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

It was "exploding target" materials 20.Mar.2015 14:57


Today there is a follow up link -- on corporate media

 link to www.oregonlive.com (includes pictures)

"Federal investigators believe a deadly blast Thursday along U.S. 26 on Mount Hood was caused by a "substantial" amount of material that target shooters use to make exploding targets.

The explosion killed one person and left a crater in the ground just 10 feet off the highway."