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The fall of USA as a world leader

See my report on collapse of usa and the effects thereof on the people of this nation.
SOSBEE vs fbi assassins
SOSBEE vs fbi assassins
A number of forces contribute to the fall of the United States of America as a world leader and I explain separately the multi year process that allowed the legitimate government here to be overthrown by the intelligence services.1)

Such covert and violent undermining of the so-called democracy is invisible to many who do not pay attention to the chaos spread around the globe by the fbi, cia, dod, etc. Much has been written in explanation for the atrocities committed in the name of the USA, particularly by leaders such as Bush, Powell, etc.2)

Yet, the general population seems to be oblivious to the carnage and suffering championed by our very own public servants. This neglect of our people in the USA is fully expected by the tyrants in power and is perpetuated by the main street media which, with its absurd news/fluff- talk-song and dance shows, keeps the people uninformed of the most significant news of the day, everyday and all the time. See my report on this subject at "Notice To Media" online.

I have also detailed how the fbi,cia,dod engage in secret assaults on whistleblowers and others using unconscionable methods, some of which are set forth in my site called, "World In A Box". Furthermore, my report at Academia explains exactly how the fbi and their disturbed friends in our society fraudulently create an illegal and quasi criminal justice system by which innocent persons are entrapped and set up for forced suicide, false imprisonment, or outright murder by this incredible and decadent society.3)

In another report I summarize the macabre tyranny that characterizes our present government (now a fascist type regime) and the effects of such on the unfortunate victims of their contrived machinations.4)

Efforts to address the corruption of the USA government are not recognized and for this reason this nation cannot continue its current global mini holocaust much longer due to world's emerging awareness of the USA atrocities and crimes against humanity. Unless the people of this country re-take their nation, the USA is doomed, period.

Finally, I have chronicled first hand in my reports, sworn affidavits, law suit, and reports online the devastating effects of the human being of the torture and subhuman assaults on Targets such as me. In one letter, T, with appendices the reader may gain an insight into the horrific forces brought down on a US citizen at the direction of the fbi, cia, dod. 6)












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voluntary 20.Mar.2015 15:24


our decline is 100 percent voluntary.

Fbi operative "I" 27.Mar.2015 15:53

geral gsosbee@facebook.com

The post by "I" , aka j robert upton , fbi assassin and torturer represents the same cyber stalker and serial criminal as shown in the comments folliwing my other reports.