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Blockupy Burns European Central Bank Frankfurt

One way to state objection to financial theft...

the ONLY way left to us 18.Mar.2015 18:58


What choice do we have!!!

10,000 Brave Protesters, Vicious Police 18.Mar.2015 19:34

Liam Kellen

Big Banks manage cordon off much of city. RT news coverage shows several persons whom police could isolate grabbed and then beaten mercilessly. Still, some brave and effective counter attacks. I remember coming up from Eugene for some spirited demonstrations, and hope to do so again when conditions ripen a bit.

not true 19.Mar.2015 05:04


article says nothing about burning a bank. in fact there are more cops in the photos than protesters.

alternative media has a duty to report accurately, not wishfully.

i Is A Small Vowel Pinhead 19.Mar.2015 14:07

Liam Kellen

Well, yes. The bank skyscraper was guarded by 10,000 cops and razor wire. So a literal headline should perhaps read, "Outraged protesters burn police cars and whatever else they can get their hands at bank protest and in solidarity with Greece and poor working people all over Europe, and against the "quantitative easement", austerity for the poor, and other oligarch financial schemes floated by international corporate capital.

Another way you might look at it is this: if a troll posts sophomoric counter arguments all over the Portland Indymedia sight, I might say piss on his attempt to burn off other users. It doesn't mean I'm actually going to piss on him, or that other users will actually leave the sight.

My guess is you have probably never participated in the torching of a bank, or taken a slow motion look at the Zapruder film for that matter. Some of us in Eugene have done it more than once... that is look at the Zapruder film of course.

Easing the Quantatative 19.Mar.2015 16:23


Floating some rock solid financial tips...