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Was the Portland Police response to 3/10's Don't Shoot PDX protest disproportionate?

Was the Portland Police Bureau's decision to hide a large amount of police outfitted with riot gear near a peaceful protest at downtown Portland's Right 2 Dream Too acceptable? Read, and then watch the footage and see a homeless person snitch to local reporter Mike Bivins regarding the nearby hidden police nest.
March 10's protest of the recent LAPD killing of an unarmed black homeless man started at downtown Portland homeless camp Right 2 Dream Too, and once ready, the congregation marched through the streets of downtown Portland--blocking traffic outside City Hall as well as the Justice Center (or Injustice Center as it is known to some locals). But the protest was only 10 people strong, and the police felt it was necessary to outnumber the protesters by at least 2:1. PPB also felt it necessary to position a large number of police 4 blocks away from the protest. I also was under the impression that the PPB realises that it sends the wrong kind of message when cops outfitted in riot gear are positioned out of sight, yet nearby just in case things escalate. However, there was not an escalation and the protest was peaceful. Although the two masked individuals arrested were hauled in for putting a candle as well as a sign on a car whose progress was halted by the protesters outside the Justice Center.

In the video of the homeless person snitching to me you can see there are a large amount of police, with face shields ready as if they are ready to mace an army of homeless people at Right 2 Dream Too. If you watch the other videos of the event you can see that when I return with other videographers the police scatter like roaches do when their hiding place behind a microwave is revealed.

The police also, in my estimation, attempted to intimidate me by asking for my ID. Next time I will not be as cooperative, but I figured I would humor them this time.

 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/59761862/highlight/608780 <--video of the homeless man leading me to the police hiding spot

 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/59762313 <---Here is full video of the arrest as captured by my livestream.

Also present was local reporter Jeffrey Gieger, and his video of the protest can be seen on his youtube channel here--->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgWdHLL5hD0 as well as earlier in the protest here --->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6-c1qvlnD0

There was a lot of twitter action that night and you can check that out on my twitter page @itsmikebivins.

I didn't really edit or spellcheck this. I'm on a tight schedule what with finals & other obligations. Enjoy!

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yes 18.Mar.2015 11:24


I would expect them to be prepared. that's their job.

Be Prepared 18.Mar.2015 12:09

Boy Scouts

Ya being prepared (ha)
Prepared for lawsuits
And community outrage
Don't encourage or thank the police for this type of (sic) "protecting and serving"

Of COURSE 18.Mar.2015 19:00


Of COURSE, portland cops are disproportionate. they work for their disproportionate corporate masters.