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Volunteer with Portland Books to Prisoners!

Books to Prisoners is needing a few more volunteers! Help inspire and educate our brothers and sisters behind bars!
Portland Books to Prisoners is an all volunteer group meeting twice a month for "mailing nights". We could use some volunteers to help with answering letters, filling orders, wrapping packages and sending them out (U.S. postal service). Any kind of fund-raising ideas are also appreciated, as are tax-deductible donations, and book donations--mostly paperbacks as hardback are expensive to mail out. Paperback dictionaries are always a big request. We are also open to being in a new space if anyone knows of a space we could use that is close-in east side (dry basement or garage, church basement, etc.)
The next mailing night is this Wednesday, March 18th from 5:30-8:00!

WHAT: B2P mailing nights
WHERE: in the basement of the Red and Black Cafe (400 S.E. 12th, and Oak) come through the gate around back--look for the sign...
WHEN: First and third Wednesdays of every month
Contact: (503) 249-6343 for more info.

... 18.Mar.2015 20:35


Red and Black Cafe has been very generous to allow Portland Books to Prisoners to use it's basement. However it is a shared space filled with lots of stored items. B2P really could use it's own space. If you are involved with a church that would be willing to host B2P, please contact B2P via the phone number in the main article. A garage or basement in a private house could also work well.