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Try not to get run-over
by this asshole who just tried to run over me. Large grey Toyota truck with funky home-made camper-shell. Tag#-VKW-595. Next time somebody gets run-over by a vehicle unknown, i strongly suggest that the Eugene Police check under this one for hair-swatches &/or body-parts..................

blah 15.Mar.2015 11:54


It wasn't crying, asshole. It was a heads-up. Tried throwing my lock @ them but there were pedestrians nearby & i'm a terrible aim when upset, as are most folk.Chasing him down was futile as well; after 3 fast turns & an open route out, he?/she?it was gone. Besides, it was a heads-up to the gestapo as well. Do you think they don't monitor this site? (might as well get some kinda' good use outta' the assholes) Do you think. Please feel free to respond with even more bloviational pugnacity than this. I promise to not respond: got better things2do....................

funny 15.Mar.2015 18:11


so you did report it to the police. too funny. nothing like self serving hypocrites to bolster your standing here at indymedia.

ACHTUNG! 30.Mar.2015 13:39


What happened to the original ridiculous comment to this thread? Wiyhout it, the rest does'nt make much sense. Just who are he thought-police 'round here? At least the R/G publishes letters as is..........