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Stop the TERFfest: TERF Archleaders Lierre Keith, Sam Berg To Appear At Portland MichFest

PATSAT intelligence obtained that chief co-conspirators of last year's RadFem Respond hate rally, TERF LIERRE KEITH and TERF SAMANTHA BERG will be featured guests of "Portland MichFest" TERF orgy fundraiser on April 17.
The charismatic leaders of RATFEM movement TERF LIERRE KEITH (also the chief of anti-vegan, anti-trans, anti-technology Deep Green Resistance organization) and TERF SAMANTHA BERG (known SWERF), are confirmed featured guests of upcoming "Portland MichFest" fundraiser event for the annual TERF orgy and indoctrination camp called Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, whose sole purpose is to exclude Trans Women and to affirm White Cis Privilege.

PATSAT has obtained a full list of attendees to this event, and now conducting background checks on all these individuals. We will expose those who fund hate organizations or give aid and comfort to those who give support to terrorists who are responsible for the systemic genocide of Trans Women. Only 50 percent of Trans Women survive past their 30th birthday, due to hate crime or suicide, both caused by transmisogyny as propagated by TERF's. If these trans women are lucky enough to live past 30, 1 out of 12 are subjected to hate-motivated violence. The TERF organizations are frequently quoted and relied upon by Far Right publications and FOX NEWS as authorities, feeding to recent spate of "bathroom bills" introduced in Florida, Kansas and Oklahoma. To Republicans, TERF voices are convenient "women's voice" on Trans issues, even as they ignore TERF opposition to everything else Republicans are for. This bizarre United Front coalition between the Far Right extremists and TERF movement is dangerous and must be destroyed.

TERF's are busy spreading LIES about Planet Fitness and its human rights policy, once again, these LIES are picked up by FOX NEWS, Breitbart, Blaze.com, and other Far Right publications. If TERF propaganda machine isn't stopped now, this will only add fuel to Far Right anti-GLBTQ political machine, and will have a long lasting consequence.

TERF-owned Cotton Cloud Futon happily plays host to TERF LIERRE KEITH and TERF SAMANTHA BERG, and let a group of RATFEMs raise money for a hate fest.

We are calling for a decentralized, flash-mob style protest on the day of this abominable event. We practice security culture, and we know that centralized organizing is inefficient and opens itself up to infiltrators. Therefore we request that each individual and affinity group be autonomous. Only we ask that everyone respect other people's tactics in this direct action to dismantle a TERF establishment. Infiltrating the event itself is discouraged, as this will mean your money will finance TERF's. The objective is that the event will not even take place in the first place. If we get enough bodies in the streets we can shut this down. We are calling all Trans Women, Transfeminine Genderqueers, Agender and Non-Binary folks, and allies especially gay and straight cismen, to participate in this moral mission to eradicate TERF's! Portland is the Trans Capital of the World, and we have more Trans Women than TERF's. THEY will be outnumbered!

Earlier post  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/03/429291.shtml

TimeDate: SAT Apr 17 8PM-12MN
Our Action starts 7PM
Location: TERF-owned Cotton Cloud Futon, 701 NE Broadway
Propaganda:  https://www.facebook.com/events/325659034298631

Dear Trans Women who don't show up: We will remember who you are. You will be identified and publicly called out as TERF-shills and TruScums. This is about OUR LIFE AND DEATH. UNITY AND SOLIDARITY!!

homepage: homepage: http://theterfs.com

Threatening people is not helping 10.Mar.2015 19:53


"Dear Trans Women who don't show up: We will remember who you are. You will be identified and publicly called out as TERF-shills and TruScums"

Can someone explain this issue in 2-3 sentences?

Protest Ideas 11.Mar.2015 08:21


These are just ideas for protesters

[1] BRING DILDOES and STRAP-ONS , hundreds of 'em - TERF hate Penis. Lets welcum TERF with massive show of Phallic salutes
[2] Read out the names of Our Fallen (google "TransGender Day of Remembrance" for a big list of Our Gender Martyrs and Trans Saints) and each name respond in unison "PRESENTE"
[3] Coffins representing Our Fallen
[4] Sidewalk Fabulous Drag Show - lets show TERF we are more fabulous

TERF propaganda destroy Trans lives!
Trans Life Matters!
Protest Like Your Very Own Life Depends On It!

Leelah Alcorn died because HER "father" believed what TERF said about Trans Women (which FOX NEWS is happy to broadcast for TERF).

CeCe MacDonald went to prison and TERF celebrated! Whos Victim-Blaming?!?!

TERF movement Founder Janis Raymund lobbied with Congress not only to end government-funded SRS but to exclude Trans people (along with pedophiles) from ADA, and even lobbied for nationwide forced reparative therapy program! Her book Mein Kampf - also known as Transsexual Empire - is still TERF's bible and infallible Word of TERF Goddess.

TERF are now using brainwashed Trans people and "ex-Trans" as propaganda pawns: Miranda Yardly and Aufie Hart are two of the worst traitors. "Ex-Trans" such as "Joel" Nowak and "Heath Atom" Russell are prostituting themselves to both TERF and Far Right. Trans Community needs Unity and Solidarity now than ever, and these traitors must be held to account.

At MichFest, effigy of stereotypical Trans Woman was created each year, and the effigy is crucified upside down at night before the end of the Fest, so TERF and TERF-trainees (all MichFest attendees are subject to mandatory "workshops" on how evil Trans Women are and how to eliminate their human rights, it's called Consciousness Raising) would throw rocks and soaked menstral pads/tampons at the effigy until the effigy is half destroyed and smeared with TERF blood, and then the effigy is burned as TERF celebrate another successful MichFest.

Is this an early April Fool 11.Mar.2015 08:54


Having read the above article I can only conclude it is an early April Fool "joke".

Unless of course it was a plant by "terfs" to try and make trans women look really ridiculous.

Isn't publishing this rather a time waste and also making portland independent media centerseem a dubiours source of information and comment?

Research This "TERF" Thing? 11.Mar.2015 19:03


I came up with:

Earth First! Newswire -- Deep Green Transphobia/ A statement from the Earth First! Journal Collective -- May 15th, 2013

What does ecology have to do with transgender? They must be nuts.

Lies 12.Mar.2015 06:16

Enough Already

The EF! article is a series of blatant lies. You'll note that none of it is backed up with footnotes or details. Why they feel compelled to print lies is not a question I can answer.

If some of you are honestly interested in understanding this conflict, here are the actual words of some of the women involved.



I also need to point out that the threats and violence have flowed in one direction only: from the trans community against feminists.

This call to harass is yet one more example. Men waving dildos at lesbians? That's threatening corrective rape. These men are repulsive. Why is this level of profound misogyny tolerated?

Lies About "Lies" 12.Mar.2015 13:29


So now we have the comment:
"The EF! article is a series of blatant lies."

We are then referred to a website that is said to debunk the alleged "lies" ("Xs" inserted to disable the link):

Well, it has a big list of Q&A topic links. But the links won't work without letting JavaScripts run on my machine, and I turn off the JavaScript VM in my browser if I'm not totally at ease with a website I'm visiting. I seriously resent websites that lack simple hyperscript links and try to force readers to run JavaScripts to jump to links. So I can't tell what the "debunking" is about. But I did do more research:

Decolonizing Yoga -- How Derrick Jensen's Deep Green Resistance Supports Transphobia -- Probably Spring of 2013
 link to www.decolonizingyoga.com

In the 40-minute video Rachael reads the words of DGR co-founder Lierre Keith. Keith is the author of the provocative book "The Vegetarian Myth" and editor of the "Derrick Jensen Reader" in addition to co-author of the book "Deep Green Resistance." What exactly does Keith believe? Among other things, that the "phenomenon of trans" was created from porn culture and "that men insisting they are women is insulting and absurd." Rachel not only celebrates Keith's position but she labels it as DGR's official stance and states that she can't understand why people were bothered by it. After hearing Keith's statement those in attendance break out in applause.

Here's the video. You might listen for five minutes or so after the 4:40min. and 32:00min. marks:

The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform | Deep Green Resistance

It would come as no surprise that "right wing" publications would tout DGR's transphobic message while ignoring its apparent advice to "end civilization," etc.

What are these people doing? I know a few trannies and they are generally no better or worse than the rest of my acquaintances. (It's not for me, but neither is flying to Mars and living there for the rest of my life.) Would it be a disaster for the DGR "leadership" to just come out and renounce their transphobia?

They hold rallies all over the world and claim to be active in at least seven countries. Who finances all this? They certainly do not practice security culture, so they are wide open to monied infiltration.

So instead of "refuting lies," why don't they just renounce transphobia?

TERF Trifecta! 14.Mar.2015 09:26

Portland Anti-TERF/SWERF Action Team, PATSAT germaine.greer.cunt.stink@terfs-eat-shit.terf

We learned that TERF RACHEL IVEY is another confirmed featured guest of "Portland MichFest" TERF orgy fundraiser for Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, a weeklong anti-Trans jihad training camp for RATFEMS.

With this, this orgy will have TERF LIERRE KEITH, TERF SAMANTHA BERG and TERF RACHEL IVEY, two of whom are also members of anti-vegan anti-civilization (why do they use internet?) hate organization DEEP GREEN RESISTANCE. DGR is a greenwashed hate group that also works with FBI to snitch on rival environmentalist activists who don't agree with DGR's weird cultish ideology.

We eagerly await welcoming the TERF Trifecta (with additional hope for a TERF Royal Straight Flush if TERF CATHY BUCK BRENNEN and TERF GERMAINE GREER decided to show up) on April 18 at Hypocrite-Owned Cotton Cloud Futon.

This is seriously deranged 29.Mar.2015 03:50


Any sane person reading this article, should carefully consider if you can fault women for wanting to not include this deranged angry internet person from their event.