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Potluck with Aleut Elder Ilarion Merculieff

Join us for a potluck to learn about indigenous ways of being and learning!
This spring, we welcome Ilarion Merculieff, traditional Aleut teacher and author, back to Portland!

Join us Friday evening to kick off a weekend of teachings on indigenous ways of learning and being, taught by Stop Talking co-authors Ilarion and Libby Roderick. Learn more about Ilarion and his teachings on our website.

Bring a healthy contribution to our community potluck. Join us for a wisdom circle on indigenous ways of being and learning.

Friday night is a donation-based teaching open to everyone. Teachers, lifelong learners, parents, students of life, and all ages are encouraged to attend.

Email us at  eandscouncil@gmail.com or call Raquel Hugo at 503.936.2649 for more information.

homepage: homepage: http://earthandspirit.businesscatalyst.com/Events/ilarion-merculieff-april-2015
phone: phone: 503.936.2649