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Anything for 3/11?

Just a question.
Know of anything planned to celebrate 4 full years of Fukushima?

NO NUKES - meet @ Pioneer Square @ Noon 09.Mar.2015 19:34

Earth Lover

3.11.15 @ 12-noon

"Meet at Pioneer Square at Noon to remember all who have died from Fukushima's ongoing radiation releases, from the people of Japan to the ocean animals and plant life, to the people across the world to those of us here on the West Coast who are being sickened and killed by radiation from Fukushima.

People should bring poster size photos and puppetry of ocean and river friends. Please bring the kids. Drummers welcome! To those who have gas masks, bring those.

We will have recorded music of whales.

Children will be asked to name the animals of the Ocean.

We will have a moment of silence for each as they are named.

No Nukes NW will share info about the radiation going into the sea from Japan and then bring CGS into the mix.

We can share concerns about CGS and our river and environment.

March to Occupy Park (Chapman Square) between 12:30 and 12:45.

Direct Action Strategy Sessions at Occupy Park against Cascadia's nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station in WA State. We will explain where we are in the fight currently and plan for future actions.

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Earth Lover 10.Mar.2015 18:14


Thanks, Earth Lover. The info is appreciated.

You know, I may stay here across the river and do my own thing. Been doing that on Tuesdays, but put it off till Wednesday because of the demon child's birthday. Gets kind of lonely over here, but that's why I should.

Radioactive 11.Mar.2015 17:27


Over a dozen concerned citizens show up in Portland in remembrance of the Nuclear Fukushima Disaster

Video: Remembering Fukushima 14.Mar.2015 18:31

Joe Anybody

Here is a 40 minute video from the event that was held in Portland