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Together We Will Win

revolution within the revolution
I like this picture
I like this picture
Together We Can Win!

Salt Lake City and other cities have decided to move people off their streets into housing because it is cheaper. Our stupid, stubborn, and racist asshole-politicians have not gotten the message yet. The activists here are all scattered over different issues and must learn to work together to kick these jerks in the ass. If you are for $15 per hr you should also be for the homeless getting off the streets and into warm and safe places. If you want police justice you should be attending city hall a lot and raising hell, if you are for labor justice and support any of these schmucks in city hall you are a traitor. If you are taking money from the city under any grant, shut up and get out of the way. The young must lead us and the old must offer experience only. Our generation of activists have capitulated and handed our young people a mess in just about every area. If you are sitting on a panel, committee, or just advising politicians and are over 40 you should stop and try to get your replacement from among the youth. It is time for all us old folks to take a back seat, and that my friends is going to be very painful for all of us who have fought for so long. "Just saying."
How do we do all this----one step at a time, a revolution within a revolution. If you don't see people who look and sound young in the leadership maybe you should look somewhere else. When the press ask who to talk to, make sure a young person speaks. Here is a good example of what not to do.
 link to www.seattletimes.com

We need more people talking about the current leadership of every organization from the Urban League to the Unions, to the churches who say be nice, don't be nice, be noisy! I will continue to fight because that is what makes me human, but will struggle every day to say to the young, the leadership is over there and you should be there because this is your future not mine. If you have a criticism of what the young are doing, do it in private and offer your experience but allow the young to make their own mistakes, we sure have made ours!

Everywhere you look at leadership, if you don't see a young person standing next to the leader to learn there is something wrong and should be addressed. The only way to change the way we are doing things is to teach the young. We must become powerful without money and that is very, very difficult. Judgmental, preachy, yes but I am getting very old and only have a small amount of time left and can't afford the luxury of hoping it will happen.

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

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