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American Torture Story

One fine blue-sky summer afternoon as I was sitting comfortably in my living room I was suddenly jolted where I sat by what seemed like low-power lightning. It lasted just a very short time as I remember. Without budging, wide-eyed, I looked around and out the window but with no sign of anything amiss. Then, still seated, came an after-shock--my breathing stopped. I was in respiratory arrest. I am not asthmatic.
Clockwork Orange
Clockwork Orange

Torture testimony

Torture Testimony from a 'Targeted Individual'

Tuesday 16 December 2014
Revised 28 Feb. 2015

Listening to the media para-reality narrative in its recent programming on American-NATO torture, we felt compe!led to post additional information on our previous interview with a claimed victim in rebuttal to the posturing...

...that US torture is an aberration, occurring only under the Bush regime, in practices like the water-boarding of Guantanamo inmates, and has been since 'reined in' by the 'liberal' Obama.

In fact, according to the testimony we heard--and in complete concordance with our research on US non-lethal weapons policy (or here), research and development--US torture is not new, over with or out-of-the-ordinary nor is it limited to inmates of America's Muslim-internment camps.

Rather, Obama would be an egregious and avid torturer, making 'liberal' use of 'non-lethal' weapons of torture like microwave RFDEW (Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons), whose development under defense budgets in the tens of mi!ions of do!ars during the 90s and 00s was well- documented at the time but which have since (tel!ingly) dropped off the media radar.

Far from being a novelty, US torture has in fact always gone together with domination and exploitation, as victims of the Nixon-era government torturer Dan Mitrione or 'School of the Americas' graduates would attest, as did the USAID labels on their hand-crank electricity generators used in LatinAmerica (--John Stockwe!,The Secret Wars of the CIA, June 1986).
What is new is that while US torture is sti!l covert it is also now systemic; institutionalized as another weapon ( NL W--non-lethal weapons) integrated into the military arsenal (see: Air Force Human Effectiveness Directorate) for day-to-day use against selected political targets, NLW documents openly declare, with torture as a calibrated lesser 'degree of lethality.'
Facing compromised US courts, public defenders are not having any of it (see ' ACLU' in interview testimony), leaving victims to seek asylum abroad--without evidence--and where however the remote torture doesn't stop.

The fol!owing is an informal affidavit submitted by a 'targeted individual' that sheds much needed light into a dark corner of a 21st- century virtual Bastille in the self-styled "free world.'


I am a US-born author, writer and artist with published creative work reviewed in The N ew York Times, London Times, Washington Post, etc. As a journalist, I have written, edited and translated for two international news agencies.

With the highly critical character of both my political commentaries and my creative work, I may be fairly described as an American dissident, in exile.
This statement is to put on record my experience as a victim of state torture, harassment and surveil- lance, to demonstrate the fact of political policing and prisoners in NATO countries today, and to contribute to the evidence of the crimes against human rights committed to repress political dissent in the US-EU police states.
Important to note as background is that the same futuristic technological advancement that has helped give rise to the new Western totalitarianism has also made possible the development and deployment of exotic 'non-lethal' weapons (NLWs) such as 'radio frequency directed energy weapons' (RFDEW)-- remote 'low-power tasers.' These covertly-used, focused microwave weapons are instruments of push- button torture on individuals, used for the purpose of suppressing critical public voices.
Return to US and Start of Targeting

Back in 2006, I self-published my second tongue-in-cheek multimedia work. The first was made in collaboration with a video game publisher and distributed in six languages by EA (Electronic Arts). When advertising revenues from this latest effort didn't pan out as expected, I returned to the US at the end of 2007, after living abroad for many years and against my better judgment, to take up a full-time job offer. Soon after, in early 2008, I began to be targeted.


The first manifestation of the targeting was the sudden onset of tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in the ears―-a condition I've had ever since. This doesn't mean it was naturally acquired. It's obvious to me that it wasn't but that it's artificial or induced. This is because the tone or strength of the hum, almost always constant, may sometimes change 'mechanically,' roughly comparable to the stepped audio tones in a hearing test. The doctor I consulted at the specialized hospital found normal hearing and no physical problem and seemed surprised to learn that my symptoms began suddenly on my return to the US. It turns out as you may see in official, declassified US Army documents, that tinnitus is identified as one of the many symptomatic effects caused by targeting with focused microwaves.

Here is a brief summary of the phenomenon:

A Beating Brain
The rising and falling edges of microwave pulsed energy incident on the body cause an infinitesimal heating and cooling of the brain. The rapid on-off heating and return to body temperature causes a likewise very small degree of thermal expansion and retraction of the living tissue, synchronous with the pulses. As the brain expands and contracts, rapid up and down changes in intra-cranial pressure result and are picked up internally by the ears, as sound. This well-known phenomenon is known as MAE (microwave auditory effect) or the 'Frey Effect.'

As the chronic targeting was gradually intensified over time such that other symptoms began to appear, I had to quit the office (after about six months) to try and work part-time from home. On my own I could work sporadically, when able, and also avoid any scenes or questions about something I could not discuss.

The Fever

Besides tinnitus, the directed-microwave targeting also induces what is called in the official documents an 'artificial fever.' This is a mind-numbing 'tase' of low-level electrical current felt mainly at the head. The debilitating 'fever' may be accompanied by (RF-) radiation-induced extreme fatigue and weakness, usually followed by the 'Delgado Effect'--by applying current back and forth across the two lobes of the cerebrum--resulting in loss of consciousness.


Microwave 'electroshock' may be used to cause many other debilitating effects in addition to the tinnitus and 'fever,' all of which I've experienced in the daily torture regimen :

...disorientation; disequilibrium (poor balance); dry or stinging eyes (from microwave heating); inability to concentrate; short-term (working-) memory loss; headache; extreme fatigue; loss of consciousness (induced 'sleep'); tremors, spasms, mini-seizures; joint 'thickness' and pain; near-incontinence; fore- shortening of time perception (to the immediate present only); blocking of 'executive functioning' (shuffling victim reduced at times to eat-sleep creature existence); cataracts (long term)

Classification and Scale
Militarily, the use of RFDE-type non-lethal weapons is categorized as information war--a type of electronic warfare--for the 'jamming' of 'enemy information systems'; only here the 'systems' are human brains and the 'enemy' is individuals exercising their rights. The 'jamming' consists in remote application of electrical current to the body--low-scale current, not (usually) for traditional pain infliction but for 'physiological disruption,' for the declared aim of 'degrading' or disabling 'personnel.'

This bio-interference form of torture is analogous to the forced administration of chemical drugs, one of the torture techniques reported at Guantanamo. In the case of microwave electroshock, the target's only protection is by electromagnetic shielding, which is difficult to adequately provide for an active human body.

If you've ever suffered a brief electrical shock, such as accidentally from a socket, you know the unique tingling sensation of electrical current in the body. When the juice is turned up, you know it's no medical problem but a weapon, with strong current coursing down your lower right arm. Even on the much lower scale of bio-weapons, there are still some jolts that make you want to jump out of your skin. This is very rarely done however and the torture is usually more grindingly debilitating than it is unbearable.

The usual effect is of a penetrating 'burn'--the 'fever'. It's comparable to receiving boxing blows to the head but without the impact--groggy disorientation or a knockout, putting you down and out for hours.

In practice there are bad days, very bad days and better days and I've managed to work sporadically from home despite the targeting, which has continued daily since 2008, even across several different countries. Between sessions, I manage to slowly go about the business of living usually without anyone the wiser. There are some days though when you never make it out the door.

Lack of Legal Evidence

Professional torturers do not normally leave identifiable marks on their victims. In the case of micro- wave weapons, they may leave red marks on the skin--light microwave burns, which may appear on the neck, head and groin. But the medical presentation of skin discoloration, which can be put down to various causes, is not prima facie evidence of torture.
The same is true of chronic symptomatic effects like worsening eyesight and handwriting. My hand- writing has degenerated into a scrawl, to the point that even I often have trouble making it out myself. In fact, a bank clerk once disputed my signature because of its lack of resemblance to the one on my passport ID. In the same category, I've also developed very premature cervical osteo-arthritis (of the neck)―-a 'drying out' associated with age but which may also be an effect of the chronic, low-level microwave heating. Also prematurely, I sometimes need to walk with a cane for balance.

Detecting the targeting microwave radiation does not seem to be an option either for collecting evidence. An RF (radio frequency) power meter with an upper detection limit of 3.5 GHz is unable to detect anything higher than low-level background microwave energy (unfocused, like wi-fi). A higher military frequency band may be used to administer the microwaves or alternatively, multiple low-level beams may be aimed to converge or create standing waves for combined or maximal effect to occur only at the target point itself―-the victim's head--making it undetectable externally.

Because of constant surveillance, videotaping the manifested weapons effects as evidence has also not worked out.
My only documentary evidence is my copies of the numerous anonymous and taunting e-mails, making delighted double entendre reference to the ongoing electroshock torture, surveillance, harassment and general life hacking―-and encouraging suicide.


Guinea Pig in a Fishbowl
Along with the torture came indicators of surveillance. Anonymous, frequent and bizarre e-mail messages made subtle but knowledgable reference to events from my day-to-day private life, which could only have been known to an observer. This included observation from within all rooms of my home. In other words, the perpetrators themselves notified me of their continual violation of my privacy, 'necessary' to evaluate the weapons effects, and 'advertised' probably for psychological pressure.
Going out of doors does not defeat the surveillance; nor does changing homes--or countries--bugs (for both audio and video) are quickly installed anew.


Various kinds of harassment seem to be an integral part of the treatment and take many forms:

•Threatening anonymous messages..."How will you die\\\\\\\?"--a spoof web ad with a cartoon corpse face- down on a pavement;
veiled threats against family members, made in e-mails; and many others.
•Telephone harassment
•Insecurity flags: Signs of regular home break-ins―-too subtle to go to police--such as objects moved within the apartment: window curtains open in the morning that had been closed at night; slippers paired neatly and set by the door--I live alone and don't have a maid... And once, more overtly, a paper poppy 'calling card' left on the coffee table with the tag "Disabled American Veterans." The break-ins have been on-going.

•Computer or cyber hacking; censorship of material published on the web (temporary, i.e. fixable); Data CDs wiped clean (notably containing legal documents) Blocked internet access
•Blocked bank account (temporary--see 'Entrapment')
•Enforced isolation

'Street Theater' or 'Gas-Lighting' 1

In this line are the bizarre 'street theater' incidents, too numerous to list but I will mention a few of the
stand-outs (which have been telescoped here--not chronological; some came later) :

• 'Tails', Stalkers, Persistent starers
• Picture takers
• A plague of Lolitas ('don't stand so close to me' )
• Speeding oncoming cars when you cross the street (where you have to jump)(3x)
• A 'North by Northwest'-style swooping helicopter (1x)
• Believe it or not (and you couldn't make it up), a statistically impossible, veritable parade of...
dwarves and Down's Syndrome sufferers--people with manifest genetic disorders

The aim of the mad street theater scenes or incidents would be generally to discredit the target's opinion if and when he should report the unbelievable manipulations (to anyone). The gas-lighting victim's critical voice is then rendered suspect and neutralized. Some of these may also be mere provocations, aimed at triggering paranoiac or unhinged reactions; may relate to set-up attempts; or may simply be to frighten the target into silence. In the last example mentioned above, the odd 'casting' may also have something to do with my outspoken criticism of eugenics; or might just be mockery: The targeting victim, by means of torture, also becomes 'disabled.'

I Become a Political Refugee

Around the beginning of the following year (2009) I left the US permanently after a frame-up attempt and an injurious targeting incident described at the end of this affidavit.
In a second country, where the torture and targeting continued, I sought legal help (not forthcoming), worked online as a translator and continued writing and web-publishing articles on my own. There was another frame-up attempt (see 'forgery,' below). In the end, without a residence permit, I was not allowed to stay on.

After some international travel (and an MRI, for evidence, which came back normal) I then settled in an EU country as I'm also an EU national thanks to a dual citizenship.
There I was immediately effectively blacklisted from working in a chosen field in which I also had qualifications. But I was able to take up journalism again, freelancing for a non-NATO foreign news agency, part-time only by choice because of continued targeting.

'Disability' through Torture

In the course of my work, I interviewed several government ministers. During one of the exclusive, sit-down interviews I found that the minister seemed overly complimentary throughout, almost patronizing. I was aware at the time that the same morning of our interview he had had a visit from the American ambassador. Did the ambassador prepare the ground for the interview by planting a cover story for the torture\\\\\\\? I could not confirm this but she may have told him―-in a smear―-that I had a disability. This would account for his behavior and also would not have been a gratuitous insult: If the local government had me under surveillance in the home (or otherwise had access to the video feed), they would have witnessed the daily torture sessions and their effects, which sometimes mimic epilepsy. The ambassador may have put out the needed cover story and she would have diplomatic immunity to do so with impunity.

In any event, I was unable to find legal help in this third country, where I have also been harassed, now into leaving (power cuts―only my house; a changed lock on my post office box; a veiled threat; entrapment attempts, etc.)

Attempts at Legal Entrapment

For the recalcitrant dissident, for whom torture is an insufficient deterrent, there's always the expedient of legal entrapment, above and beyond the usual targeting. Here are some (telescoped) examples:

You deposit a bank cheque into your bank account and later find that access to the account is blocked. The bank informs you that the reason is because there's a problem with the cheque: the numbered amount differs from the written amount. They show you the altered cheque. On your copy of the original draft, the two amounts are the same.

The honey trap:

You meet a woman (who had been following you in her car) who later invites you home and introduces her underage "daughter" before sending her to bed. Her photographer friend waits upstairs. You flee.

An attractive stranger from a boisterous table at a beach bar comes over and introduces herself, flirts, says she's drunk, and with a smiling tilt of the head invite, excuses herself to go to the ladies, visited by the new barman just after you arrived, you'd noticed (installing a 'rape cam'\\\\\\\?). You stay put. (Not that you wouldn't.)

A slight female acquaintance in a chance meeting on the street says she's locked out of her flat for the night. Can she stay over\\\\\\\? Slips into bed from the couch and then refuses advances (rape charge set- up\\\\\\\?). Next morning, she asks you to go to the bank and try to cash her endorsed (forged\\\\\\\?) paycheck (on CCTV). She doesn't have her ID and her friend did this for her once before. You tell her to bugger off.

Veiled Death Threats

This next example might not necessarily be construed (legally) as a menace but taken in context, as part of a pattern, it takes on the aspect of a threat...
You go to a cafe terrace to watch a football match. It's crowded and all the tables are full. The waitress knew you were coming and leads you to a table where a bald, heavily tattooed man sits. You join him. He speaks broken English. After a short time he says, 'Look here.' And beside you under the table he flicks open a large shining knife. He says: "I have a collection. Pistols too. 9mm.

He mentions that he's an ex-con. 'What were you in for\\\\\\\?' 'Everything.' You ask what he does now. "I work with bodies. I open them. For the autopsy.' Later, he adds: 'There are lots of murders here.'

You think the stranger may have been put up to this--trying to put a scare into a journalist, in a coached, legally very circumspect way. You also believe the man may have been wired, asking some leading questions. You won't be threatened and you make an appointment with a criminal lawyer.

Next you receive an e-mail from another government minister--six weeks after you requested an interview--scheduling one at the same time as your legal appointment.

You hand off this assignment to your boss and go to see the lawyer. He knows the element, the guy from the cafe, and his name--a known criminal. But he's not interested in pursuing the matter when you suggest he was put up to it.

You leave the offices and on the way out the city gate you see ahead a small crowd looking down from the walkway railing to the pavement 30 feet below. There is a corpse...

Shortly after this, you return home one late afternoon and enter the lift. On the ride up to your floor you look down and notice fresh red drops of blood on the grey floor.

Seeing the worrying pattern of developing events, you notify your lawyer, by e-mail, for maximum exposure. 'Noted,' he says. 'Not to worry.' He is loyal and/or thinks it's scare tactics.

At this point you are cut loose by your employer (running scared\\\\\\\?).

You took photos of the lift floor on your phone for the record. The phone pictures disappear (image folder access suddenly "Not Allowed." Customer service says it's not 'from their end'); they then re-appear after you e-mailed your lawyer.


Permanent Injury

I mentioned that professional torturers don't normally leave marks. Actually, besides microwave burns, I've since suffered two shattered teeth, both perfectly healthy before, which in the absence of accidents, can only be put down to the ringing electrical current of my 'treatments.' One of the teeth was reconstructed and the other pulled because fractured. I've been unable to interest any lawyer in this. One top local lawyer fought desperately... to stifle his yawning, as I talked of torture and death threats. He then uselessly advised me to go to the police. Another (elsewhere) suggested I go to Iraq ('go to hell').


Cancer is another established effect of radiation exposure―-both of the ionizing and non-ionizing (RF) kinds―in the longer-term but without any causal link.
Other permanent damage may have been already done, the evidence of which, childless, I'm frankly afraid to produce―-genetic damage―-another of the effects of high-level (or cumulatively high) radiation exposure. Something happened that leads me to believe that I may have been targeted for this specifically...

In the summer of 2008, shortly after the targeting began, the woman next door--'Claudia' from Germany―invited me to go sailing in the harbor with some other rent-a-yacht club members.

The four other sailors turned out to be what I would call 'heavies' in the professional egghead sense but who introduced themselves unconvincingly with incongruous, generic cover occupations like 'internet marketer.' One of these (who happened to resemble the late Washington Post columnist Bob Novak) strangely could not bring himself to make eye contact at any time. Another admitted when questioned later (at the after-dinner) that he had worked for the Pentagon contractor Draper Labs, which he had tried to make out as an NGO (non-governmental organization). At dinner he also aired his strong anti- communist political views, without prompting, a strange non sequitur as it happened.

Shortly after this outing―-maybe in fact some sort of evaluation--I noticed for the first time in the parking lot of my apartment block a civilian car with a "Go Army" logo on the door. By itself, this needn't raise suspicion. But in the event, I was in for quite a shock soon after.

One fine blue-sky summer afternoon as I was sitting comfortably in my living room I was suddenly jolted where I sat by what seemed like low-power lightning. It lasted just a very short time as I remember. Without budging, wide-eyed, I looked around and out the window but with no sign of anything amiss. Then, still seated, came an after-shock--my breathing stopped. I was in respiratory arrest. I am not asthmatic. Soon enough the very narrowest of airways barely opened up to keep me going, just. This is acute respiratory distress―-a symptom of actual lightning strike victims. Staying calm, I waited and hoped. Before too late, after a minute or two, I was breathing again. I was surprised to see everything as before, blue sky―-no storm clouds―and nothing out of the ordinary. No one running from the scene, outside. I supposed that the low power targeting had just been cranked way up. And I feared that I had just been sterilized. A fear that's still with me--a doctor tests fertility based on sperm count and mobility. A test for genetic damage is not easily had, even at a research hospital.


Nazi Sterilizations

In North America and Europe in the 20th century (1930s to mid-70s) hundreds of thousands of individuals were forcibly sterilized under eugenics laws. In Europe, the Nazis sterilized nearly half a million people in one year alone, 1934 (Edwin Black, War Against the Weak, 2003). Dachau concentration camp (which I've visited) was established (1933) for political prisoners (E. Black, IBM and the Holocaust, 2001), initially "German Communists, Social Democrats, trade unionists, and other political opponents" of the Nazis (--Holocaust Memorial Museum) , later to include "the Bolshevik Jews".

Here is a paraphrased description from a concentration camp victim of a Nazi doctor who performed experimental X-ray and surgical sterilizations on the prisoners:

I heard a buzzing sound for (several) minutes and felt a general feeling of malaise... When another man (surgical sterilization victim) asked why he was being operated on when he was perfectly healthy, Dr. Dering replied, "Stop barking like a dog. You wi! die anyway (in the camp)."
--Robert Jay Lifton, The Nazi Doctors, 1986, p283

1 "Gas-lighting"--Setting someone up as having an unreliable opinion; From the Hitchcock film 'Gas- light'
Editor's Note:
Offers of legal assistance received via this website wi! be immediately forwarded to the contributor. The author agrees that the preceding testimony may be freely reproduced without express permission.

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