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Video Instruction for "What is Cascadia?" Zine

How to assemble the "What is Cascadia?" Zine

double sided single sheet zine:
We now have a simple video explaining how to cut and fold (assemble) the booklet "What is Cascadia?"

Please go to link, print out the double sided single sheet of the booklet and follow the video instructions (2 cuts and 4 folds and then staple on the spine of the your newly assembled "What is Cascadia?" Zine)
 http://freeThis booklet is to be mass printed hand distributed at events, gatherings, public places or handed to friends and the bioregionally curious.

Instructions on assembling the Cascadia Booklet:
1.) Print on a single sheet double sided (ideally in color, or black and white/grayscale if need be).
2.) Fold on the red lines so as to make sure that both sides of the paper line up.
3.) Cut across on the red line (or where the scissors indicate). This will create four smaller pieces of paper (quarter sheet).
4.) Fold on the green lines. All these mini pages have a page number in the lower left and right corner of the quarter sheet (page 2 faces page 15 which is final page before back cover, page 4 faces page 13, page 6 faces page 11 and page 8 faces page 9).
5.) Assemble in numerical order (with the cover page being a picture of the flag and the title "What is Cascadia?" on top).
6.) Staple (once or twice) on the "spine" (front and back cover pages through to 8-9) of the newly assembled booklet.
7.) Hand out at events, gatherings, protests, demonstrations, cafes, libraries, universities/colleges, among friends and colleges.cascadia.org/media/cascadia-booklets


homepage: homepage: http://freecascadia.org/media/cascadia-booklets

http://freecascadia.org/media/cascadia-booklets 28.Feb.2015 00:08


$85K per person 28.Feb.2015 06:57


your share of the national debt when you secede. Enjoy..

Thanks for the reminder 04.Mar.2015 19:09


$85,000 in debt per American. Just last year, the United States paid $220 billion dollars on interest for the national debt. Just think how awesome it will be to no longer have all that debt hanging over our heads once we secede!
One more reason to stop throwing our lot in with the Americans. Free Cascadia!