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Ray Christl dying

Humanitarian Aid
we all need to be more generous
we all need to be more generous
From Hiram:
Please call Senator Jeff Merkley at (503) 326-3386 and thank him for intervening in Ray Christl's situation. Also please encourage him to ask the Obama Administration to investigate the US Cambodian Embassy and their criteria for approving or denying non-immigrant travel visas

 link to koin.com

Please call--this is important and we have little time left. thanks JoAnn for stepping up, makes me smile.

Thanks to JoAnn for having me on her KBOO show! I'm on from 3:17-8:17.
 link to kboo.fm

From Joe:
. Each day we need to be creative and keep this story on the front burner, pass it along please, make the call, write about it and tell the world this is unjust and inhuman!

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